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The Goal of One

My new nemesis is this thing strapped to my wrist.  No it’s not some kind of law enforcement tracking device, worse, it’s a new FitBit thingee.  It tells me how much or how little activity I do during the day. It also tells me how well I slept.  It records it all in mocking detail for all the world to access. You have the ability to set “step” goals and to monitor your heart rate and it will even track your walks, hikes, runs, etc.

So I was talking with someone the other day.  Someone who wouldn’t typically engage me in conversation but they saw the evil thingee on my wrist and figured we were now some way connected.  “Joy, oh joy,” I thought.  Next they’ll want to friend me on face book and then have me join their little activity measuring online sorority or in my case fraternity.  Ugh

So before even asking a question they started the conversation by stating their step goal for the day.  “My goal is 12,000 steps a day,” they enthusiastically proclaimed, “what’s yours?”

I stood there for a moment, knowing full well that the goal on my activity nemesis was half their total of 12,000, not wanting to be judged a wimp I looked at them and said, “my step goal is one.”

They looked at me like I was some kind of three headed, Plutonian alien.

“How can one be your goal,” they asked with a hint of snarkiness in their voice.  “One isn’t a goal at all,” they continued.

I stood there for a moment and then said:

One is my goal, it’s your goal and it’s the goal for everyone else out there.  For all us of our day starts with that one step we take after getting out of bed.  Without that one step the rest doesn’t happen.  For so many people with either physical or mental disabilities that one step is the most important. That one step may, in some cases, be impossible without help from others.

I waited for a moment to let what I just said sink in and then looked at them and continued.

What we need is a day when everyone with these damn activity tracking thingees on their wrists sets their personal goal to one and we use the opportunity, just one day, to focus as a society on those who need help taking that first step and working to help them achieve that goal.  The goal of one step.

They stood there for a moment, shrugged their shoulders and said, “cool idea, we should really do that,” they then turned and started adding steps to their lofty goal of 12,000.

The Goal of One.

I like the idea.  What a neat way of helping many.  So what do you think?  Any interest in setting your activity tracking thingee to a goal of one for one day?

Let’s make this happen.


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