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autumn fire

All year mother nature works for this moment, October in New England. 
Ripening apples fill the trees. Pumpkins dot the landscape and corn fields are reduced to feed and an occasional maze.

Warm days with fleeting sun augment the chill of frost approaching nights.

Orion begins it’s journey to dominate the night sky.

And the trees, oh the trees. Yellow, orange, green and red colors splash across the landscape highlighting the diverse hardwoods of the region.

The cycle is almost complete. 

Too soon the Autumn fire will be extinguished by the harsh grey and white reality of Winter. 

There is tremendous joy in knowing that the cycle will continue and soon we’ll be experiencing the spring rebirth and a summer of growth and then once again, autumn fire.

Get out into the woods. 

Hear the acorns falling through leaves and striking the ground. 

Take in the beauty as the woods prepare for the approaching winter. 

Take a deep breathe through your nose and smell autumn. 

 Feel the crisp, dry air fill your lungs.  



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