Tap here to begin writing fur ball

That’s what my screen said. “Tap here to begin writing.” I made up the fur ball part. You’ll figure that out in a minute.

If it was only that easy. Fur ball.

Actually, my screen didn’t say anything. I read on my screen to, “tap here to begin writing.”

If it was only that easy. Fur ball.

Wait, what huts happened? Hahaha, autocorrect changed just to huts. Stupid autocorrect.

No really, what huts happened? Hahaha, autocorrect did it again.

Autocorrect. Too funny. I remember when autocorrect came in a bottle or as a tape. It was white so you could manually autocorrect your typing.

I once had a kick ass baby blue smith corona electric typewriter.

Come to think of it, was the eraser on top of that #2 Ticonderoga pencil the first version of autocorrect? I guess there wasn’t much that was auto about the eraser.

But I digress.

Tap this. Sometimes I’d like to tap my head and let some of the noise out. The noise can be so distracting.

What the hell was I thinking? Damn noise.

Oh yeah, I was thinking about how technology is so focused on making us not have to think. From autocorrect for writing to cars with backup cameras. I was looking at a car the other day and it had a backup camera, parallel parking assist, front collision auto braking, blind spot monitoring and a beeping thing to remind you that you are straying outside your lane. Never mind the – wake the driver if they start to fall asleep thingie.

Even with all this technology the roads are still jam packed with mindless, smart phone reading, makeup applying, paper reading, knuckleheads who don’t understand the meaning of the word merge or yield and don’t realize the left lane is for passing and is not a travel lane.

Whoa, I feel better now after passing that mind fur ball.

Fur ball. No autocorrect there. Fur ball, fur ball, fur ball. Hehehehe

Later, fur ball


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