Don’t tug on Superman’s Cape

Somehow being in bed, under the “covers,” makes me feel invincible. Even today.

As a young lad I clearly remember laying in bed, sure that there was a boogeyman and he was coming to get me. I can remember laying in bed, trying to hold my breathe so I could better hear where he was only to find that my hearing was impaired by the deafening pounding of my heart beat in my ears.

Then I remembered my covers.

That magic combo of sheet and blanket. That magic combo of tactile security and warmth. That magic combo that would protect me and hide me from anything the boogeyman could bring. Like Superman’s cape, my “covers” were impenetrable. All I needed to do was pull the covers up over my head and all would be fine. Heck it even worked for thunderstorms.

To this day I have a love, hate relationship with thunderstorms and being in bed with my covers pulled up make them tolerable. Rationally I know my covers offer no protection but who ever said fears are rational.

Welcome to my world of irrational fears…..eek is that a spider?


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