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23 minutes

23 minutes of pozitoodinally righteousness.  That was the time it took me to go from the car to the top of Rattlesnake Knob on the Holyoke Mountain Range.  23 minutes of lung burning, sweat inducing joy.

Watch out world, the endorphins are running wild today.  Who the hell knows what I’ll do next.

Yee Fucking Ha!

According to an email I received it only takes 23 minutes to reverse the aging process.  If I can keep doing the knob in 23 minutes I too can reverse the aging process and it didn’t cost me nothing but 23 minutes of my day.

So as you ponder your day, think about if you can fit 23 minutes of pure pozitoodinal righteousness into your day.  Screw that – FIT 23 minutes of pozitoodinal righteousness into your day.

Maybe it’s 23 minutes of sitting quietly.  Maybe it’s 23 minutes of reading a book for pleasure.  Shit, maybe it’s sitting for 23 minutes in your car and not swearing at anybody.

Take 23 minutes for yourself today.  It’s a great way to start!

Ciao Mein!


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