Tis a sad day

I said goodbye to an old friend tonight.  It was a spectacularly glorious evening for my old friend to disappear into the night forever.  I can tell you this, my life with never be the same.  It is with a heavy heart that I share this news.

He’d been on this earth since 1971.  Damn, compared to me he was but a youngster.

He’d been on the shelf since 1997.  What a lucky catch he was.

Tonight as we sat together and shared his last moments I remembered something I had read years ago:

“a small quantity of the best casks are set aside to slumber even longer in the mellowing oak; until the contents are released, as here, to offer you one of life’s few genuinely incomparable experiences.”

And what a genuinely incomparable experience I did have with my old friend.  

What a time was had by all.  What memories we’ll share. 

Good bye old friend, your spirit will live long with me.

One day we will meet again and a new adventure or two we will share.

Good bye old friend, you will always make my heart warm and I shall know you as simply –

The Macallan
39 year old Anniversary Malt




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4 responses to “Tis a sad day

  1. Your friend’s spirit remains on this earth in you.

  2. Well..at least you still have Bob.

  3. Hey man i’m down in NYC, life is good — give a shout if you’re ever down this way!

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