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Just wanted to touch base and as I have said before, a pozitoodinally righteous day here in the happy valley of western massatwoshits. 

I’ve already walked 9 miles this week with Otis the wonder dog and we’re looking to put another 3 miles into the books today.   Not bad for a fat lazy bastard (me, not Otis). 

From a collective head outta the ass perspective, it’s going okay, not great, okay. 

It is pretty funny to watch Otis chill after our walks.  A good romping in the snow with his “girlfriend” Juno and he is wiped out.  Bought some stuff for his paws yesterday that seemed to work well.  It’s called Mushers and it’s made in O’Canada.  Just smear the crap on his paws and the snow doesn’t stick.  Well doesn’t stick as much.

I read today that Sen. Dodd may be retiring.  No surprise there, he was gonna get his ass kicked in his reelection bid.  I am sure the powers that be in the democratic party encouraged him to pull the plug.  At this point his is a liability to his party.  My guess is that he ends up with C.V. Starr& Co making fat cake.  That’s the new insurance/underwriting vehicle of  Mr. Hank Greenberg.  You’ll recognize that name as the former CEO of AIG. 

Remember live today.  Laugh out loud and let that pozitoodinal love shine bright.  Let that crazy bastards merge into your lane or go ahead of you in line.  It so fucks with all the negative fuckers out there.



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