Note to self: Get head Outta Ass!

I woke up this morning – always a good thing – with a renewed sense of purpose.  Or is it a prechewed taste of porpoise?  Huh?  Come on, it’s a cheap laugh, go with it, laughter is a good thing.

Here’s the rub –  recently, every time I open this page to write a new post I suddenly can’t write anything?  Hey, I just wrote anything.  Maybe it’s getting better. 

Recently I’ve been under the spell that if I don’t have anything of meaning to write, don’t write.  Inspiration has been fleeting….damn that’s an understatement.  Never mind the fact that I’ve been hating the world or maybe hating me and the world I’ve created.

In the spirit of get my fucking head outta my ass I’ve started a campaign to make my world better, more positive.  I truly believe if I feel like I am making progress, albeit there is a long way to go, I will be more positive and better things will happen not just in my life but in the people’s lives around me.  Man that was an awkward sentence.  Fuck it, it’s my post.

I am into day 3 of this campaign and so far so good.  A couple of days hiking with the dog (about 3 miles per day).  A couple hours everyday searching for a job (in earnest) and a few hours a day putting the wraps on my failed restaurant venture and an hour or two working on various writing projects. 

Come on, who out there doesn’t want to read about my continuing adventures back to 1800’s Nantucket and my visits with the Dildosytters of Nantucket?  Spell check really hates the word dildosytter.

So on this fifth day of January, in the year two thousand and ten – I hate that twenty-ten bullshit – unleash your inner monkey.  Slap on those monkey wings and fly, fly like monkeys fucking fly! 

What’s that, monkeys don’t fly. 


I got a Delta miles card with a ton of frequent flier miles that says I can book a seat right next to my favorite monkey and we both can fly.  Thhhhhhhhpppppt. 

Time to carpet the day.  See ya tomorrow

Ciao Mein


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  1. Love ya, Patsy…. it’s all good.

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