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A good list

Think, cuz you can.

Dance without pants.

Eat with your fingers.

Whistle more than you shout.

Smile more.

Laugh out loud.

Color outside the lines of your mind

Open a door to the store of your soul….whoa…..I have to think about that one for a while…..

Ciao for niao


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3 4 3

shhhhhhh.   It’s 12:15am and I am still awake.  More importantly I am still sober….well almost….

No, seriously, it’s okay.

Otis and I plowed through our 3 miles today….making 12 for the week so far….yee fucking ha.  It does feel good.

I just deleted about 5 paragraphs on NBA players and their need to possess handguns.  It was a nasty rant and they don’t deserve the space.  The only thing I can say is that for all we supposedly hear about six foot eight, nine or ten NBA players….man they must have really small dicks based on their needs for guns that go bang.  Hehehehehehehehe.

Spent a good night at the Moan and Dove.  Our local watering hole in South Amherst.  Tonight they had a particularly delightful cask beer on tap……Ridgeway Bitter.  Big Yum.  No really big yum.  The Ridgeway was followed up by a great Baltic Porter from our friends in NH….Smuttynose Brewing.

Another pint of water and I will be off to meet my pillow.  Note to self – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Shit, Bob just walked in and he’s got that look in his eyes and a bag in his hand and it looks like we’re gonna go on a bender.  Gotta run.  If I am lucky we will speak tomorrow.  If not, I am sure Bob will keep me occupied.

Shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone……Bob brought Paris back to the house to party……ughhhhh….it’s gonna be a crazy night……..

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2 4 2


Just wanted to touch base and as I have said before, a pozitoodinally righteous day here in the happy valley of western massatwoshits. 

I’ve already walked 9 miles this week with Otis the wonder dog and we’re looking to put another 3 miles into the books today.   Not bad for a fat lazy bastard (me, not Otis). 

From a collective head outta the ass perspective, it’s going okay, not great, okay. 

It is pretty funny to watch Otis chill after our walks.  A good romping in the snow with his “girlfriend” Juno and he is wiped out.  Bought some stuff for his paws yesterday that seemed to work well.  It’s called Mushers and it’s made in O’Canada.  Just smear the crap on his paws and the snow doesn’t stick.  Well doesn’t stick as much.

I read today that Sen. Dodd may be retiring.  No surprise there, he was gonna get his ass kicked in his reelection bid.  I am sure the powers that be in the democratic party encouraged him to pull the plug.  At this point his is a liability to his party.  My guess is that he ends up with C.V. Starr& Co making fat cake.  That’s the new insurance/underwriting vehicle of  Mr. Hank Greenberg.  You’ll recognize that name as the former CEO of AIG. 

Remember live today.  Laugh out loud and let that pozitoodinal love shine bright.  Let that crazy bastards merge into your lane or go ahead of you in line.  It so fucks with all the negative fuckers out there.


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Note to self: Get head Outta Ass!

I woke up this morning – always a good thing – with a renewed sense of purpose.  Or is it a prechewed taste of porpoise?  Huh?  Come on, it’s a cheap laugh, go with it, laughter is a good thing.

Here’s the rub –  recently, every time I open this page to write a new post I suddenly can’t write anything?  Hey, I just wrote anything.  Maybe it’s getting better. 

Recently I’ve been under the spell that if I don’t have anything of meaning to write, don’t write.  Inspiration has been fleeting….damn that’s an understatement.  Never mind the fact that I’ve been hating the world or maybe hating me and the world I’ve created.

In the spirit of get my fucking head outta my ass I’ve started a campaign to make my world better, more positive.  I truly believe if I feel like I am making progress, albeit there is a long way to go, I will be more positive and better things will happen not just in my life but in the people’s lives around me.  Man that was an awkward sentence.  Fuck it, it’s my post.

I am into day 3 of this campaign and so far so good.  A couple of days hiking with the dog (about 3 miles per day).  A couple hours everyday searching for a job (in earnest) and a few hours a day putting the wraps on my failed restaurant venture and an hour or two working on various writing projects. 

Come on, who out there doesn’t want to read about my continuing adventures back to 1800’s Nantucket and my visits with the Dildosytters of Nantucket?  Spell check really hates the word dildosytter.

So on this fifth day of January, in the year two thousand and ten – I hate that twenty-ten bullshit – unleash your inner monkey.  Slap on those monkey wings and fly, fly like monkeys fucking fly! 

What’s that, monkeys don’t fly. 


I got a Delta miles card with a ton of frequent flier miles that says I can book a seat right next to my favorite monkey and we both can fly.  Thhhhhhhhpppppt. 

Time to carpet the day.  See ya tomorrow

Ciao Mein

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