While I am at it

One more thing on this fine Friday morning in central New England.  So here I am shaving this morning and notice a wee little hair protruding from one of my nostrils.  So in my infinite wisdom I grab tweezers and move to yank out the little fucker. 

Well, that was a big mistake.  How the hell did I know the hair was connected to the back of my optic nerve by kevlar reinforcing lines.   Sure enough I go to pull it out and just as I give it a good yank it slips out from tweezer grasp.  It slips out, but not after first pulling my optic nerve halfway outta my head and causing me such pain that both of my eyes teared up.  OUCHIE!

Great, so now I still have this little fucking nose hair sticking outta my nostril, tears running down my face and an optic nerve that is really pissed off at me.  I have no choice but to attempt to make the pull again.  So with great trepidation I make my move.  Damn this is gonna hurt.

I repeat the process and this time I get the little bastard.  However,  again it goes with a fight and tears are running down my face again and there is a pain deep in my head that really, really fucking hurts.

So what did I learn today – clip it don’t rip it.


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