Drumming up some Earth Day Love

Happy, happy pozitoodinal love folks.  It’s a chilly, damp New England morning here in the Happy Valley, a mere day before Earth Day 2009.  What are your plans for Earth Day?  Me, I am bringing my drum and going to UMASS for a celebration tomorrow afternoon that ends with a drum circle.  Not sure how my out of rhythm drumming will help the earth but it will make me feel better.

I have a challenge to all you stoners out there who spent the day and night celebrating April 20th (420).  For those “not cool” folks out there the phrase “420” has become synonymous with weed, pot, dope, maryjane, marijuana smoking.  According to my homework it has nothing to do with any police code used to indicate pot smoking.  In fact, it was supposedly started by a group of kids around 1971 called the Waldo’s somewhere in California so they could coordinate when they were going to get together and smoke some weed.

Here’s the challenge to my friends of the stone age.  Tomorrow, put down the Xbox, Wii or Playstation remote controls, take the fucking ear buds outta your ears, quit texting on your cell phones and get your stoned ass outside and do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to celebrate Earth day.  Simply pick up a few pieces of trash or recycle that Monster energy drink can you’re about to toss away.

Think about how much you could get done if you all put as much emphasis into Earth Day as you did rolling joint upon joint to celebrate April 20.  I don’t care if you get wicked baked and then go outside or if you go outside and get wicked baked.  JUST GET OUTTA THE HOUSE AND PARTICIPATE. 

It’s been almost 40 years since the first earth day celebration.  My first recollections of Earth day was participating in an earth day activity with our church youth group that included us cleaning trash out of the Wepawaug River.  The Wepawaug ran right through the our town and at the time was a stinking, disgusting eye sore.  When I say trash I am not just talking about papers, plastic bottles or beer cans, I am talking car tires, shopping carts and washing machines.  I remember being excited about walking in the nasty oil slick muddy ooze to capture another bald Goodyear tire.  I can only imagine what PCB encrusted gik was living in that mud. 

I am proud to be part of the generation that created Earth Day, damn proud.  I am also a little embarassed because in the grand scheme of things we’ve gotten so little done.  Let me rephrase that – I’ve gotten so little done and done so little.  So me typing all of this makes me an Earth Day hypocrite and that is going to change. 

Sure I thought I was cool when I bought my Prius in 2001, damn cool.  In reality it just balanced out the cycle because my other car was a Suburban.   Yep, one of those vehicles with a carbon footprint just a little smaller than that of a 737.

The new catch phrase is carbon footprint.  What’s your carbon footprint?  I’ve tried a few of those carbon footprint calculators on line and wanted to include one in this blog, however, I tried 5 of them with the same information and came back with 5 different results.  The only thing that each calculator had in common was when I had completed the evaluation they all pointed me to a site to send my to participate through a donation in something called a Carbon Offset Program.  Ughhh.  

I hope folks realize that it’s simply about money.  Earth day, needs support, sure money helps but incorporating the ideals of Earth Day into your everyday activities is far more important.

My household carbon footprint sucks.  We did put in a new hotwater heater and insulated the crap out of it as a start.  We still use way too much electricity.  We leave lights on when we shouldn’t, our television is way to big and our computers are not turned off consistently.  We have  four people in the house and 5 cars  and 4 televisions.  We never thinking about car pooling and our recycling is non existent.  Plus we all end up in different rooms with 4 televisions on at once.  We suck.  So for earth day 2009 that is going to change and here is the list I am going to share with my family:

1.  Car pool whenever possible
2.  Begin recycling immediately – bottles, cans, paper, plastic
3.  Start a compost pile
4.  Conserve water
5.  Expand the garden
6.  Work on the house to make it more energy efficient
7.  Change all the incandescent lightbulbs to fluorescent bulbs
8.  Tune up our cars – check air filters, tire pressure etc.
9.  Plant a few trees
10.  Try to buy locally whenever possible
11.  Get rid some televisions

Sure it’s going to cost a little to get this thing going at our house and their will be bumps in the process, the key is to start.  In the long run it’s all about doing something, no matter how big or small.  I am sure that if we all did a little, it would help a lot.

There’s a great saying you often find in the hiking or back packing community and it needs to be part of our everyday being, “Leave No Trace.”

Happy earth day.


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One response to “Drumming up some Earth Day Love

  1. betty

    You sound like your mother…recycling has become a part of my life, energy saving light bulbs, Gotta work on that TV business myself.

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