Dough Therapy…food for thought

A pozitoodinally righteous top of the morning to everyone.   As I look out the window from my vantage point on the couch – yes I am sitting here with my leg elevated,  I spy my Vermont weather stick and it is arched straight up which means it either saw another stick it found very attractive or it is going to be very dry today. 

What a great weekend was had by all.  I guess I shouldn’t speak for everyone, however, I had a great weekend even if its final act was not complete until the last of my 7 hours of driving from here to there to there from there to there and back to here was done.

The great constant in all the activities this weekend was food.  Nothing fancy, just good simple food and some great peeps.

Funny how food makes things ok.  Food is one of those rare vehicles that can entice someone to walk over to a group of people they do not know and engage in conversations that result in that “stranger” to be a “stranger” no longer.

Food is a magical entity in which divergent views, as passionate as views on religion and politics on said food result not is an argument or violence but a thoughtful listening and exploration of how food can be treated and handled in any number of ways.  Shit, the debate typically results in a dinner challenge to try the different styles rather than someone declaring a Jihad or strip searching you for weapons of mass destruction.

The weekend wasn’t about fancy restaurants, expensive cuts of steak or large crustaceans.  It was about good simple food.  Food that may or may not have been as good as the conversations for which the food was the genesis. 

Conversations with people who 10 minutes prior, may have been that “stranger,”  still yet, conservations with friends and family.

There’s an idiom, “Food for thought,” that can loosely be translated to – something or anything that makes one think.

I think it should be more specific – food makes people think  and talk.  When people think and talk the world is a great place.

Whether it was standing in a darkening parking lot outside the Moan and Dove on a freezing cold Saturday evening cooking grilled pizza’s (I call it Dough Therapy), or sitting around the dining table with family and friends for that holiday feast.  Food provided the catalyst for great conversations, great laughs and most importantly great memories that make this a pozitoodinally righteous day.

It also makes me think there has to be a better way to deal with these pirates?  I know, you’re thinking, how the fuck did he get onto the pirate thingee.

I am sure it’s not an original concept and probably shows my complete ignorance on the Somalian subject, however, isn’t there an opportunity to provide some food and aid to these folks so they stop pirating ships?  I assume ( I know that’s a bad thing to do) that these pirates are doing this for a reason.  Money.  What do they need money for?  Probably food, health care, power, etc.

I know a few things:  it’s not that simple, there is no comprehensive, agreed upon way to manage the waterways, big companies would rather pay the ransom than loose their cargo……

I keep coming back to the food thing and think if folks aren’t hungry maybe, just maybe we could engage in a conversation that would prevent alot of this mess.  What would happen if all these companies and countries, rather than pay ransoms, agree to fund a relief effort to assist the Somalian people. 

Then again, what do I know.  I, like a few other million folks, gave a little fist pump in the air when I heard that we had freed the Captain and killed three of the pirates.  Yes, let’s load up our Special Forces and wipe them all out.  

Then I lowered my fist and thought, there has to be a better way.   Definitely food for thought.


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