The beautiful one and crabgrass

Ouchie….no double ouchie.  Another PT session with the beautiful one yields yet another threshold of pain.  I walked today for the first time with no brace and no crutches.  It wasn’t pretty.  She laughed, I being a male with an ego the size of Nova Scotia smiled and said no problem.

Mother effer, it hurt like hell, however, being a stupid effing male I just grinned and said, no problem.

Not only did I walk, I marched in place.  40 steps – left, right, left, right.  Mother effer did that hurt.

The whole time I smiled and said it was a little painful as her smile beemed  brightly.  Ughh, this sucks, I thought to myself.

After my PT session I went to my favorite watering hole not necessarily to drink but to seek solace with any number of similar stubborn males.

While I was sitting at the Moan and Dove having a very, very fine Racer 5 IPA an old friend came in.   A friend I hadn’t seen in a long time.  A friend who had retired about a year ago and subsequently 3 months later was diagnosed with leukemia. 

Life is funny.

My friend is one of these people who always, I mean always, has a super pozitoodinal aura about himself and it was good to seem him emanating that same pozitoodinal glow.  He just finished the fourth stage of chemotherapy and all reports were very positive.

I have known this friend for years.  We’re not close friends, we are simply friends.  We were both patrons of the same local watering hole before it was the Moan and Dove.  Prior it was known as the Old Amherst Ale House.  A great little, local watering hole that attracted people more for the community of patrons than the beer.  Although in it’s day, the beer was very good.  Not nearly as good as the people that sat at its bar.

My friend provided me a great face slap called reality.  Shit, all I got was a bum leg.  No big deal. 

His doctor explained his treatment by using a lawn analogy that I thought was pretty cool and I paraphrase (I did have a few more beers).  His doc told him, think of your blood system as a lawn and the leukemia as crabgrass.  Unfortunately there is no Scott’s lawn care drug to simply treat the crabgrass so they have to kill the lawn and then let his system grow back the lawn and the doc will look to see if any crabgrass grows back.

Good news is so far no crabgrass.

I was great to see my friend.  We laughed and talked about everything from our similar hairstyles to putting new shocks on a used Mazda pickup.  It was all good and it gave me a great appreciation for this wacky thing we call life and all it’s twists and turns it throws at us.

It reminds me that the righteous pozitoodinal force is strong and I’ve got to keep passing it along.  Cheers


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  1. Hehehehe. I thought it was very funny that one of the comments I got regarding this post was flagged as spam because it was an advertisement for grass seed. Too funny

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