I am Iron Man

Where is Ozzy when I need him.  Damn.   Hey Robert Downey Jr., piss off (just kidding).  For those who don’t like rock and roll when rock and roll was rock and roll don’t click on this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MII3ns2KTBc&feature=related  for the rest of you.  Click on the link and enjoy because it’s live from Paris in 1970 – when it was still rock n’roll. 

I am Iron Man!


This is the xray of what they put into my leg.  Rock on.  I AM IRON MAN!   Check out that hardware.

Got an A+ from the doctor late today and as of 4:30pm, April 1 I could begin to bear or is it beer weight on my leg.  Yee Fucking HA.  The recovery process has taken a MAJOR step forward.  I have my first PT appointment on Friday  and am ready to kick significant recovery butt.

Trust me, I know it is going to be a long process, however, it’s another big step in the recovery process. 

I even got a transitional bootie.  It sort of looks like something Madonna would wear.  At least it meets all the criteria…it’s black, has laces and supports a part of my body that otherwise couldn’t support itself.

Off to the races….watch out


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  1. John Davis

    Wow, that had to hurt!


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