Shower Power

Day 16 post surgery.  I am now in an aircast which is great.  I can remove it to take a shower.  A shower,  ah a shower – what a wonderfully luxurious activity that we take for granted everyday. 

It’s been 4 days without any pain pills and my head is finally starting to clear.  The combination of the anesthesia from surgery, the physical shock to the body of the surgery and pain pills rendered me pretty much a useless pile of poo or maybe the head of the Republican National Committee.  Just kidding don’t get so serious.  It’s amazing how all of this has kicked the crap outta my energy level.  I am good for a few hours and then need to rest.  Having overcome the pain and stink issue I am now focusing on getting my stamina back.

It’s funny how we take things for granted that for some folks is a significant accomplishment.  I piss and moan about my leg but in the grand scheme of things it will get better and I will be better because of it.  I guess it really is a great opportunity. 

I hate to repeat myself, however, I can’t tell you how good it felt to stand, albeit on one leg, in the shower and have that warm water cascade over me.  I am sure the folks in my house feel the same way.


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