Lick my Toes

Happy pozitoodinally righteous Tuesday.  Make someones day! 

It’s a little bit after 6am and I am sitting –  actually laying, with my leg elevated on the couch that has become my nest since my leg thingee a few weeks ago.  I am looking out on a beautiful late Winter New England morning.  The fresh snow from yesterdays storm is like a blanket of renewal on the old gray and brown snow that was the left from storms past.  My window view is north-north west.  I look out over a field our neighbors use for their horses and then a massive line of white pines.  As I type  this the sky is transitioning from that pastel pink along the horizon to a light green/blue as the sun continues to make it’s climb into the sky.

Otis, my fun loving,  leg breaking sheep dog has just made his transition from the futon to my couch.  It’s something that he does every morning.  Somehow he believes he is a lap dog.  At 70  plus pounds he is far from that.   The other morning he woke me up by licking my toes on my foot that is encased in the cast.  It’s hard to have a bad day when you’re waken up by the sound of your own laughter.   Good thing I did wake up because his next move was to start chewing on the cast itself.

Navigating through the house with Otis is a challenge.  Genetically these dogs have been bred to herd.  No not be herd, to herd.  More often than not as I am making my way to the bathroom or kitchen Otis is right by my side making sure I go where he thinks I should go.  It makes for a very funny scene when I want to go right and he insists I go left.

I am very excited about today’s  itinerary.  Yep, today is sponge bath Tuesday.  I am sure everyone in the house will come home tonight and appreciate the fact that I have washed up and shaved.  I am also going to start doing some upper body work with dumbbells.  Nothing to crazy, just something to get the blood flowing again.  I am also going to pick up that book and start reading today. 

I’ve been a sloth for over 2 weeks and I need to get moving both from a physical and mental perspective.  I continue to have good days and bad as it pertains to pain management.  Yesterday was a day of significant discomfort.  I am not sure why, however, maybe it had something to do with the big low pressure system that blew through the northeast. 

The challenge with the pain medication is that it significantly impacts my ability to think.  I have a book I started four times now and have read the same sentence four times with the same reaction each time.

Hmmmm, didn’t I read this already.  Then I put the book down and a day later repeat the process again.  Hmmm, didn’t I read this already.  Suffice to say that on pain medication my attention span isn’t great.  Damn, where is that combine.  I need to try and operate heavy equipment on this stuff.  Ha.

Tomorrow is my first follow-up appointment with she-doc since after the surgery.  Maybe there will another good photo op.

Remember – make someone’s day today!


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