a quickie update

My leg feels like some half-assed high school shop teacher used it to demonstrate how to fix a broken chair leg.  What’s worse half-ass or whole-ass.  I think if you do something whole ass you really screwed it up.

The final tabulation is in and it goes as follows:  1 plate, 5 pins and 2 screws.  The plate went on the outside of my fibula, the pins hold the plate onto my fibula or maybe my fibula onto the plate.  The two screws, per the xray went through the plate, my fibula and almost all the way through my tibia.

The nerve block was awesome until it ran out at 2am on Saturday morning.  When I say it ran out I me someone opened up every nerve in my lower leg and flooded my brain with pain signals. 

Pain medication albeit impressive in description couldn’t touch the discomfort.  For the record my pain medication is an oxycodone/tylenol blend (percocet) and this interesting drug call hydromorphone.  Looking it up it says that it is 8 times stronger than Morphine and 3 times more effective than Heroin.  Interesting adjective to use when describing the drug relative to heroin.

My biggest challenge is to keep Bob (my minature, talking, invisible elephant) away from the stash.  He’s like one of those truffle sniffing pigs when it comes to pharmaceuticals. 

 Speaking of Bob, I gotta go he’s got my back pack and is making for the door.



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2 responses to “a quickie update

  1. Damn homeboy — you must have fucked yourself up! They don’t prescribe them things to some jerk off the street with say a sprained index finger. What you got there may just be the best painkiller on the planet.

    My advice: SUFFER!! No matter how bad it hurts don’t take the fucking things — not until you feel well enough to enjoy those little hydromorphones on their own terms.

    Trust me: I’m a Doctor.

  2. Mary

    I agree..had the same scenario and got off drugs on day 5 after trying to run into the living room when I woke up. Landed in a pile, luckily caught by the night stand and lamp. They are nasty!! Be prepared for “knife pains and burning fires in your legs but after almost 4 years they’re gone. My best advice is to keep leg up high as much as possible and once you start PT don’t ever stop. Move it or lose it. Oh and stay away from corn chips I gained an extra 15 with no problem and still got it.

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