Unabashed Plugging

I’ve been meaning to post a post about some music I’ve experienced recently.  Some really excellent music.  No make that some really fucking excellent music.

You know, the kind of music that has the ability to turn that frown upside down.  The kind of music that recharges your battery to new high levels.  The kind of music that leaves you full of hope.  The kind of music that as you experience it live, transports you to a place that is warm, pozitoodinally electric and most importantly crowded with like minded people.

Two bands that I’ve seen in the past month have done that for me.  These aren’t bands that you’ll find splashed on magazine covers or dancing about the stage at the Super Bowl (maybe one day).  These are bands that have a tremendous following of people who are all about the music and the scene. 

The first band – Assembly of Dust  http://www.assemblyofdust.com/ has been around for a while.  I actually saw them a year or two ago at the Gathering of the Vibes (GOTV) and was duly impressed.  This last go round, in the comfy venue called Pearl Street, they rocked the house.

Tight and upbeat their music is inspiring.  Inspiring all the right thoughts, inspiring a smile.  If they happen to be in the neighborhood I highly recommend you do everything in your power to see them play.  

Funny story – as we entered the venue everyone was searched and if you wanted an adult beverage an id check was required.   In this day and age I have no issues with searching everyone coming in to ensure our safety.

So here I am, standing in line when it was my turn to get searched.  As I was patted down the dude hit my pocket and felt something in there that required further inspection.  He asked me to empty my pockets.  No big deal, I knew that anything I did want to see I had already squirreled away in my ass.  Just kidding – squirreled away may have been a bad choice of words.

Anyway, I empty my pockets and there is nothing except some money (the little I have left), car keys, keys to the restaurant and a sharpie.  The sharpie being left in my pocket from work that night.  Well, you’d have thought I had a 9mm Glock in my pocket.  The dude summoned the manager over and the confiscated my sharpie and I was told that they were tired of painting the bathroom walls and I couldn’t bring my sharpie in to the venue.

I said, that’s cool, and proceeded to get my wristband so I could have a beer or two.

I go upstairs to the main “ballroom” and make my way over the the bar and get a beer.  The beer dude grabs the bottle of beer, takes my money and hands me the beer.  I head out into the “ballroom” when it dawns on me that I have, like the other hundred plus people in the venue, been given a glass bottle full of beer. 

So, I can’t have a sharpie but I can have a glass bottle of beer.   The incongruity of the those two interactions seems a bit odd, but what the hell.  I guess if a major brawl breaks out I’d rather have the bottle than the sharpie.  However, my graffiti options in the bathroom have been severely limited.

The other band I just saw without the fanfare of sharpie detention is this great roots-reggae band from that mecca of roots-reggae – Rochester, NY. 

I was looking for something to do this past weekend and noticed this band playing at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA.  The band is called Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad.  No seriously.  Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad.  Check’em out at http://www.giantpandadub.com/index_new.php

All I can say is WHOA.  These folks rocked the Horse to the timbers.  Original reggae tunes with jam band digressions filled the night.  The band harmonized beautifully and from an instrumental perspective they were right the fuck on.  Tight, tight, tight.

They came on a little after 10pm and the Sierra Nevada Pale was flowing quite freely.  Not free, but freely.  The wonderful nectar from Chico, CA had its intended effect.  I was soon grooving and dancing like a had a headful of dreadlocks and synaptic provocateurs.  Suffice to say – I do for grooving and dancing what Carl Lewis did for singing the National Anthem (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uDc5tQxmJY).

As the Sierra Nevada continued to flow I renamed the band the “bear monkeys.”  Not sure they’d appreciate it but it was easier to scream.

For over 2 hours GPGDS kicked major ass.  The Iron Horse moan and groaned (in a good way) to the rhythm of the band and the hundred plus fans grooving to their sound.  For 2 hours I didn’t have to worry about making payroll or how I am possibly going to continue to keep two restaurants open or how my personal pozitoodinal meter was close to running out.  For two hours GPGDS Count me in as a new fan.  These boys and girl ROCK!

They have an album available “Slow Down” that does a nice job of capturing the energy and musical talents of this very, very fun group.

Last but not least – happy birthday bro…..a basket of pozitoodinal love and energy has been sent via the airwaves.


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  1. bro

    Thanks…but I thought you said it was a gerbil…bear monkeys rule

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