Out to Lunch

Sometimes we just wanna quit. 

Somewhere deep inside there’s something that stops us.

Somehow, someway we find the power to see it through to the next day.

What if one day that something that drives the somehow and someway is at lunch when it is needed?

I need a good recharging of my pozitoodinal energy banks.  I feel like a Maple tree at syrup time.  Someone done stuck a spigot in me and they’re draining out all my pozitoodinal sap. 

Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t.  Almond joy has nuts, Mounds don’t.



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3 responses to “Out to Lunch

  1. Well…see if this helps:

    Knowing where I been in recent years, consider that I know live, usually by myself, in a fancily refurbished 4-bedroom house in on of greater DC’s most desirable neighborhoods. I got a fresh set of teeth that I paid for out of my own pocket. Oh yeah, AND I just got my computer back!

    Yep. Another fat cat lost his shirt on Wall Street today. But…I’m doing alright.

    Thanks, in no small part, to my Personal Pozitood.

  2. Sometimes just quitting is the best thing. Sometimes we’re being ASKED to quit, but we hold on even though we’re missing out on where we’re supposed to be.

    And sometimes we have to just let it all go for while….. Go climb a rock.

  3. Meredith

    Well, I believe we are always exactly where we ‘need’ to be. Hard to have faith in that when we are not liking where we are at. Still.
    I’m sending you a friendly bit of light, in hopes that it helps in the moment. Here it is: {*

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