Picking up that steaming pile

I awoke today – Yippee.   Actually I was awakened by Otis, my 6 month old sheep dog.  You see, it was time for him to go outside.  So we walk out the door and I am greeted by a foggy, unseasonably warm morning here in New England.  We had some rain last night so the grass is very wet and cold as I walk around, barefoot, in the yard coaxing Otis to take a crap outside rather than inside.  As we were walking around I notice that the foliage is trying it’s best to orchestrate a coming out party for Columbus day weekend.  After about 15 minutes all I was able to get Otis to do was pee so in the house we went.  Not 30 seconds after we get inside, as I am pouring my first cup of coffee, dear young Otis walks over to the end of the living room and takes his morning crap.

I have no choice but to laugh and pick up the steaming pile.   Life is good….i could have not seen the pile and stepped on it with my barefeet.  hehehehehe

I’ve been thinking and reading a fair amount after my last blog entry (thank you for the comments – Meredith you’ll always be a Carroll) and wanted to offer a few additional thoughts.

I’ve saved up enough money to go by a snow plow for my truck.  I figure I can make a few extra bucks and save myself a few dollars by plowing my driveway at home and at my restaurants.  So I go to the local plow store and talk to the plow dude and we make the deal.  As I am talking with him our conversation turns to the economy and I ask how it’s impacted him.  Understand this is a small local plow store.

He tells me that at a recent fair (big E) they had an exhibit and during the busiest weekend they “sold” 14 plow or sander setups.  Typically these range in price from $1,500 to $6,000.  I said, “awesome plow dude.”

He said, “not so fast unaware wannabe plow operator.”  It seems that of the 14 “sold” 12 of them were financed and of the 12 applications, 10 were rejected due to the new credit crunch.  That was my ouch moment.  Until that moment I really didn’t think about how this financial debacle was impacting my local world.  Shit, no one ever finances an $11 pizza.  

An interesting place to look these dayz for a ray of hope is the oil markets.  WHAT?  The oil markets as a ray of hope?  Yep.  As recently as July I know I was looking, with dread, at the oil market with an eye towards a winter in the northeast.  Home heating oil over $5 a gallon, gasoline closer to $4.50 than $3.50, delivery fees for restaurant supplies ever increasing, natural gas taking it’s price clue from oil climbing steadily higher…..etc.   Then something funny happened on the way to the gas station.

Demand went down.   

The peak price for a barrel of crude hit a little more than $147 in July this year.  Today that same barrel is selling for just under $89 with futures around $83.  That’s a drop of 40%.  By the way, that drop includes the predictable knee jerk reaction by OPEC –  to bolster the price by slashing production by 520,000 barrels a day about a month ago which had little to no impact on the continued erosion in the price of a barrel of oil. 

I don’t know why I find it interesting…..maybe because I think that the cost of oil is one of the leading contributors to rising prices (inflation).  I know that it caused my flour cost to increase over 300% due to farmers moving to produce corn for ethanol.  If it increased my flour cost it increased Wonder Bread’s flour cost. It means bread costs more and in my humble opinion it means that folks like you and me – keepers of the pozitoodinal light are more impacted financially by the price of oil than the value of AIG’s crap mortgage portfolio.  Then again, maybe I am underestimating my audience.  Maybe there’s a lot of you waiting to cash in you CV Star retirement program.

I think that the erosion in the price of a barrel of oil is just what you and I need.  Costs less to fill the car, costs less to heat the house, costs less to get supplies….who knows, just maybe it will be the shot in the arm the economy needs.  It only works if we make sure we remember. 

Remember from where we’ve come.  We’ve got to continue to conserve resources.  Continue to invest in alternative energy options.  Continue to care about this great planet we happen to occupy at this place in time.  Continue to support one another by caring.  Continue to believe that when you do something positive it will be passed along.  Continue to believe in one another.  Continue to take great pride in whatever you are doing.

And continue to fill that great big universal karma jar with pozitoodinal energy.


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    Yeah, dammit… yeah….

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