it’s a small world after all

Who knew all those little wood asian kids on that damn ride in florida were right?

Where the fuck do I begin?

After 17 daze of living on nothing but sugar, fried food, margarita’s and cotton candy I have woken to a not-so brave new world.  My pockets have been emptied of everything.  No synaptic provocateurs, no money, no job, no nothing.

I see a political landscape in which people are more interested in calling one another names rather than coming up with solutions to significant problems (fyi – in my humble opinion the $700B bailout bill wasn’t a solution).  Biden and Palin – interesting choices….makes me question the judgement of both candidates.

Why is it that we have more choices of peanut butter than candidates for president?  I guess it’s a good thing in that it eliminates the potential for a fringe candidate getting elected with less than the majority of the popular vote.  We couldn’t let that happen…….could we?

I see a world reeling from financial mismanagement, head-in-the-sand paralysis and greed.  A great acronym NINA.  Sure it was one of the ships that pirated the pilgrims from england to massatwoshitts.  Maybe that is appropriate.  In the world of mortgages it means – No Income No Asset verification.  Great way to lend money, assholes.

Where the fuck was I when that line formed… no job, got no assets but write me a $250K mortgage so I can buy me a house.  Shit with the real estate market going up, maybe I’ll flip the house, pocket the profit and get back in line.  In the interim lets package all these NINA mortgages into a neat little investment bundle and sell them to, let’s say AIG.  Bingo…..

I heard some wise dude on the radio the other day and he said that wall street is no longer an investment arena.  Wall Street, according to this dude, has become a speculative arena.  Somehow this isn’t surprising. 

Today’s world is one of instant gratification, instant communication, even instant replay.   It’s become, for lack of a better term, IWORLD.  A place where it’s all about the I not about the we. 

Sure I am generalizing, but it’s my blog and I get to do that.

Shit, you can’t go anywhere without your cellphone or pda for fear of being out of touch.  We need access to everything and anything.  Do you really care if one of Brittany’s kid’s took a nice shit today? 

I love the fact that there is a guy, Cramer on MSNBC who tells you what stocks to sell or buy.  What ever happened to doing your own due diligence and research?  Lazy fuckers!  Actually, if you simply follow Cramers lead you can always blame your losses on someone else.  This too seems like another come thread running through today’s world…’s not my fault it’s someone else’s.

As the great writers for Monty Python once penned, “society’s to blame, ok will be charging them too.”

What ever happened to sound fundamental financial management?  Whatever happened to companies caring about their workers through great benefits and competitive salaries?  Where did accountability go?  Shit, wasn’t it a few short years ago that the Enron debacle brought about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.  I think the other name for it was:  the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act.

We walk around with ipods and things called zen plugged into our ears to drown out the noise and eliminate any interaction with the world and people around us.  Maybe it’s just to drown out the negativity.

As I have said since day one folks – we have to be positive.  WE, have to set the example for people, we have to help folks get out of this rut, we have to be the pozitoodinal light that shines even when times are the darkest.

I had a nice venting today via my blog and feel better and renewed to be that bright light of pozitoodinal energy.  Let’s make this ourworld instead of I world. 

Reach out to someone and smile.

Open a door for someone.

Let someone merge into your lane.

Let someone go ahead of you in line with less things in their shopping basket.

Drop off some canned goods or a dollar or two at a local food bank.



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3 responses to “it’s a small world after all

  1. Pat, I don’t know whether you were aware of this, but I read your blog from time to time. Usually, I ‘m like, WTF? but I read it anyway!
    I really liked this post’s message (notwithstanding the venting!), and I just wanted to second that notion of making this “ourworld.” I felt I should let you know I’m here in my corner of the planet spreading the light and encouraging others by being a living example. For sure, we are all in this together, and no one gets out alive.
    Go pozitoodinal light!
    Meredith (used-to-be) Carroll

  2. efenz

    As someone who was already poor before all this happened, I am no worse off than I was when I moved to Florida 5 years ago and watched as all this sliding began. At first, things were relatively calm, growth was steady, then suddenly, POW!! Neighborhoods started springing up as if right out of the ground and people were buying up houses like they’d suddenly won the lottery, and, just as you described, had some ridiculous pipe dream that they’d flip ’em and suddenly be rich.

    Well guess what…there’s a reason that greed is counted as one of the seven deadly sins (one of several that have been excessively exercised lately), and we here in America, a “Christian” nation, are guilty of being exactly what some countries are accusing us of. Forgive me if that sounds unpatriotic, but if we can’t start looking in the mirror and liking what we’re seeing, then we will fall from our own excess, not at the hands of some other wacky country.

    Maybe this is exactly what we needed. All addicts (greed addicts included) must hit bottom before they can start back up again. I only hope this is actually the bottom…

  3. Meredith – I had no idea you were an active reader. I figured it was simply my mom logging in a zillion different ways to make me feel better.

    I laughed long and hard when I read your comment. Funny thing is that most of the time when I read what I’ve written I have that same WTF moment, except when I write about my adventures with Bob my minature, invisible, talking elephant. He can be such a pain in the ass.

    Seriously, it brings a huge smile to my face to know that you’re on board and lighting up your part of the world. Thanks for the pozitoodinal recharge!

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