So is it hot enough for ya?

Hey New Englanders, how many times have you heard that in the last few days?  Sure it’s hot, not nearly as hot as the tension I feel in the air.

People are showing signs of serious stress.  Between the heat,  gas prices, food prices, employment rates, foreclosures, Dubbya and his take on “high-dra-car-bins,” Iraq, the stock markets and having to mow the lawn peeps are not chillin with a positive groove.

Here’s the beautiful thing about a positive groove or as I like to call it – pozitood.

IT COSTS NOTHING!  Nope, not a cent – zippo, squat, null – nothing.

Folks, we need it more than ever.  We need to be chillin with a pozitoodinal groove.  We need to be sharing that pozitoodinal groove.

What’s the saying, ” you reap what you sow?”  I think that’s it.  Means that if you plant watermelons and expect to harvest corn you’re going to be disappointed. 

Bottom line is that if we demonstrate a pozitoodinal groove, we’ll get back a pozitoodinal groove.  Damn, if enough of us do it we can create an insurgence of pozitoodinal groovation.

I’ve always wanted to be an insurgent.  That’s right – we’ll be the pozitoodinal rebels.  Can you imagine, a wave of pozitoodinal energy sweeping across the country.  Talk about a breath of fresh air.

If we’re gonna be pozitoodinal rebels we’ll need one of dem death star thingees they had in Star Wars.  Except ours will be called the Life Star – it will still need to have one of those giant ray guns. 

I want one of the vader helmets too.  I can walk around and say, “the pozitoodinal force is strong with this one,” in my most bass sounding voice.

Whoa, that was a bit of a tangent…..

So take that medication, smoke that doobage, whatever it takes – find that pozitoodinal groove and share it with everyone.

PS – It’s really fucking hot today so make sure you double up on your deodorant cuz no one likes a stinky pozitoodinal rebel.




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One response to “So is it hot enough for ya?

  1. Welcome to my world, my pozitoodinal rebel brother! Now you know what Florida feels like for 5 months out of the year!

    If Dubya did anything positive in his 8 years, it may be that he finally pushed us bums to the point of actually DOING SOMETHING, rather than just sitting around bitching about stuff. I hate to give him credit for anything, but his ineptitude just may be saving the world…

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