When Bunnies Go Bad!

Hef, you can relax.  This isn’t a story about Uzi toting, scantily clad, silicon encrusted, well shaved blonde’s.  This is a story about funny bunnies – not that your bunnies can’t be funny too Hef.

Remember a  couple days ago I was whining about being sore from working in my garden?  Well, two days ago, a mere three days after planting the garden, I come home to find these two long eared leaf eaters sitting amongst my parsley.

They are so pre-occupied they don’t even know I am standing there.  It’s quite obvious to me that the male bunny (on the left in the photo) is looking to get lucky.  He seems to be insistent that it’s time to answer natures call to procreate.

Conversely, she is more interested in grooming herself so she looks good for later action and is totally ignoring the poor dude bunnies advances. 

Well as I stood there he makes his move.  I have to tell you, as someone who knows, this poor dude bunny got no game.  He got no bunny tail either. 

As you can see from the last photo, dude bunny is rebuffed in his attempt to further dilute the bunny gene pool – damn I can think of a lot of people who should be so lucky….hehehehe

 So now she’s pissed, his ego is severely bruised and they move over and are sitting on my spinach.

That was the last straw – I couldn’t watch anymore of “When Natures Dates Go Bad.”  I make a noise and the little bastards look at me and take off for the woods.

I am confident that later on when the dude bunny is hanging out at the bunny ranch with his dude bunny friends he’ll brag about getting some bunny tail and will tell a bunny tale of how he stood his ground to this evil human to protect his bunny love.  He’ll also probably tell them where to find some sweet young romaine and spinach and I will come home to find my garden empty. 

While he’s busy spinning tales his bunny love will probably be out with some other bunny, doing the bunny mambo in my garden.

Damn bunnies.



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