I had to be careful with the title.  I didn’t want anyone to confuse it with the company that Microsoft had made an offer for but was subsequently spurned.  I would encourage Mr. Gates that any financial contribution to this Ya Who would be welcomed with open arms (and open wallet).

It is a pozitoodinally righteous day.

I am sore as hell and loving every minute of it today.  It is a SPECTACULARLY BEAUTIFUL day here in the Happy Valley.  Sun is out turning the landscape different colors by the second and I feel great, albeit very sore.  It’s a good sore, it’s a good sore in that I managed to survive my personal form of torture.


I mean this with no disrespect to anyone or any government – I am convinced that raking is the worst form of torture.

I spent the past few days raking out my garden and lawn and am paying the price today. 

I have muscles that are sore that I didn’t even know I have.  It’s not like you can go to the gym and jump on the raking machine to build up those raking muscles.  Raking sucks.

Of course I have the scars of raking.  You know, the blister on the lower part of your thumb closest to your index finger.  AND I HAD GLOVES ON !  Never mind the blister issue, half-way through raking I snapped the handle of the rake.  Talk about insult to injury – now I had to go buy another torture device.  Ughh

Next time we capture a few evil doers – let’s put them on a farm somewhere (other than Cuba) and make them rake for a few hours.  You know, make them rake a pile of gravel from one side of the yard to the other.  Once they completed that, make them rake it back to where it was in the beginning.  Shit,  from a physical and psychological perspective they’d be broken in a day and they’d be telling us all their secrets.  Plus if it’s done correctly we might even get a clean yard outta the deal.

So I raked and then I rototilled the garden.  Borrowed a little beast of a machine from J&D.  They said, I could use it, I just had to get it running.  Took out the spark plug, cleaned it up and corrected the gap, put it back in the little monster and the bastard fired right up.  All this machine wants to do is tear up the dirt.  

With the little monster running I attacked my garden.  I am not sure what it’s like trying to hold back an animal, like a goat, from charging, however, I can only imagine it’s similar to trying to use this nasty little bastard of a machine.

I got the garden turned over while my bro was raking out some of the crap and then we added some manure and peat moss and turned that into the existing soil.  Came out pretty damn good….at least I think that now.  If nothing grows I’ll now that I fucked something up.

My bro and I planted a bunch of perennials, some herbs (no not those kind you druggie), a few veggies and now all we have to do is sit back and wait.  That’s good, cuz the way my hammies and back feel, sitting back is the only thing I want to do.

Did I mention that the black flies are out again.  For those of you who need more info on black flies or want to read yet another post in which I whine about being sore from doing some labor check out a post from a year ago …..post 27.  https://paddymac.wordpress.com/2007/05/14/monday-monday-monday/ 

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have a garden to tend or a lawn to rake.  Sometimes we forget how luck we are about a lot of stuff.  Shit, sometimes we forget how lucky we are just to be.

I think you can see it coming – yep, time to fire up that light and let it shine.  Shine the damn thing in every corner you can find.  Shine it bright and shine it often.  Most importantly – shine!

Off to conquer myself.  Cheers




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