Happy Earth Day

Can you believe it’s the 38th anniversary of the first Earth Day.

It’s great to see the traction it’s gotten over the years.

We see folks talking about sustainable energy.  Hybrid car technology is finally being seen in the big SUV’s.  Evidence of recycling is all around us and most exciting is that folks you never thought would ever understand energy consumption are now thinking about their carbon footprint.

We’ve come along way!  I remember the early days of Earth Day.  Our church youth group would spend it picking up trash along the river that wound it’s way through the town I grew up in, Milford, CT.

We’d fill up bags and bags with the refuse discarded by so many people.

Now it’s about energy of all types:  green, renewable, sustainable, hybrid, solar, biomass – you name it and someones working on it.

It is awesome. 

I’ve watched the movies – Al Gore’s – Inconvenient Truth, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s (no not the Titanic) The 11th Hour – and I’ve read some of the books.

What is clear is that we are on the precipice of something amazing.  Something amazingly bad or something amazingly good.  There is going to have to be sacrifices at personal, corporate and governmental levels.  Going green ain’t cheap.

Much like an addiction the first step is to admit we have a problem.  I feel we are so fucking close to being able to admit we have a global environmental issue.  So fucking close.

As bad as China’s record is on human freedom, it’s even worse when it comes to it’s ability to negatively impact the environment.  The sheer volume of people along with their enormous appetite for raw materials has created a pollution level that is intolerable.  Funny thing is right after China I think the U.S of A is next in line.

We need better mass transit.  We need a rail system that mirrors that used in Europe.  Fast, safe, clean, on time.  Think about having access to that go fast train in France the TGV in New England.  I road it once and I think we hit 186 MPH.  It was smooth and comfortable.

Think about commuting from Springfield MA to New York City in 45 minutes or maybe Albany NY to NYC in the same amount of time.  Think about the cars it would take off the road – better, think about the access to resources (from a personnel perspective) it would give businesses in NYC, Boston, Philly.  Owe to dream.

So what are you going to do to celebrate this Earth Day?  Here are a few ideas:

Change a few light bulbs to the low energy bulbs.

Turn off extra lights 

Walk or ride your bike somewhere

Pick up some trash

Conserve water – if it’s yellow let it mellow….heck pee outside today!  Don’t let the water run when you shave or brush your teeth

Start a garden – nothing better than fresh veggies  – make a compost pile


 Be loud and be heard

Plant a tree.  Great story – 15 years ago I purchased 4 Blue Spruce seedlings for a dollar each at an Earth Day celebration on the Amherst common.  I took them home and planted them and pretty much forgot them.  Today after I woke up I took my coffee outside and stood looking at the Blue Spruce seedlings that had now grown to over 10 feet tall and I felt real good. 

 Most importantly get outside today.  Enjoy the day.  Smell the air.  Touch the dirt.  Sit and listen to nature. 

Now get up from your computer and get the hell outside!  Go plant a tree or maybe just your ass.  Whatever you plant make sure you do it outside!

HAPPY EARTH DAY – Remember it’s not a day, it’s a way to life!  Make today the start date for your life of earth day’s!

My fave Earth Day Motto – “Save a tree eat a Beaver!”


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