Laugh Loud & Long

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.” Mark Twain

As today is the anniversary of me being hatched from the magic egg that some oversized pidgeon left on my parents doorstep, I think it’s only appropriate that we take Mr. Twain to heart and have a good, loud and long laugh today.

What, you weren’t hatch from a magic egg.  Weird. 

Share the laugh with somebody.  Never laugh at someone unless they are:

1.  Being paid to make you laugh
2.  A member of congress
3.  A presidential candidate
4.  The president or vice president
5.  A former governor who got caught paying for sex.  Ha, paying for sex.  Can you imagine paying for sex.  Damn, if that was the case my right hand would have more money than Bill Gates.  Oops, that may be too much information. 
6.  Any member of the religious “rite”

So smile all day, sprinkle in a laugh and most importantly if a funny looking bird leaves a magic egg on your doorstep, take care of it and nurture it – you just never know what might come from that egg.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



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4 responses to “Laugh Loud & Long

  1. Absintheve

    ” A true friend tthinks you are a good egg even if you are slightly cracked!”
    I don’t know who said that!!
    So no going down the garbage shute…
    with Umpa lumpa’s
    singing about you…
    Maybe you got the golden Ticket!!
    Well invite us all to the show and we will party down…
    Just put me in the balcony…
    I always liked those two old guys…
    on the Muppet show that cracked jokes!
    Everyone was like “SHHH”
    Hey you can sit there with me and we can both crack jokes…
    and the band will play on..
    I like your blog!!!
    You have inspired me to get my own…
    What do you think?
    Instead of just taking over other’s comment box…
    But those comments are really to you…I tell Mike E…
    When he is like get your own blog…
    and these are to you!!
    Happy slightly cracked but good egg day!!!
    Just don’t go getting all yolky on us…
    Stay sunny side up!!!

  2. Absintheve

    That quote I put in about eggs is by Bernad Meltzer!
    We all like our eggs differently that’s what I love about eggs…
    Some people don’t eat them at all…
    Not me….
    I liked my eggs poached….
    And how do you like your eggs?
    “I like …I like….green eggs and ham!” Dr. Seuss
    Have a great day…

  3. thanks eve. you made my day. Funny thing how life is….the inspiration to create my blog came from Mike E. Funny how things come full circle.

    I love a good eggs benedict….poached eggs, some canadian bacon and a shit load of hollandaise sauce….i like to call it holidaysauce….


  4. efenz

    Happy Paddy Birthday, you funky chicken! Crap, yer gittin’ old…

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