Happy Ether

Weeeeeeee, I love ether. 

Woke up today and rolled outta bed and ran to the door where I was pysched to see that the ether bunny left chocolate baby jeebus eggs at my door.  Not sure how a bunny poops out eggs, never mind chocolate ones that look like baby jeebus but thats for science to figure out.  The good news is that since the ether bunny did leave chocolate jeebus eggs at my door it means that we only have 2 more weeks of winter weather left.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I wonder if baby jeebus found chocolate eggs when he rolled outta bed on ether a couple thousand years ago?

In all seriousness, I celebrated ether last night the way I have for 40 years.  Yep, I watched the academy award winning movie, The Ten Commandments.  Simply one of my favorite movies of all time.  It has everything – drama, special effects, a burning bush, hot egyptian babes, the red sea parting, walking staffs turning into serpents and most importantly Yul Brynner in the role of Rameses II and Charlton Heston as Moses.  What a movie. I love the part where Yul has the line,”Moses, Moses, Moses where is your idol God now Moses?” as he struts about like a proud rooster with his hands on hips.

Never mind Edward G. Robins as Dathan.  He of the distinctive “yea, Moses, that’s right Moses.”  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Have a great day and enjoy those chocolate ether eggs.


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