Stoke that Pozitoodinal Light

I failed myself yesterday and felt like crap all day.

I had to let an employee go yesterday, actually had to tell them to leave after a particularly nasty confrontation.

I failed myself because I allowed the person to “get to me” and I reacted in a way that was negative and destructive.  This person was screaming at me about how I have failed to meet any of the expectations they had of me.  They also identified a number of perceived failings of my team and me.  In addition to a stream of profanity about me and fellow co-workers.  God bless small business!

Instead of simply listening to the rant and understanding that it was simply rhetoric they were using to justify their feelings about “their world,” I reacted to it by matching their level of intensity.  Not good.  The proverbial throwing gasoline on a fire.

The fallout, as expected, was not great.  I physically felt like crap all day – couldn’t sleep at all last night and the person is no longer an employee.  I didn’t help them (not sure I could of) but I should have tried.  

Man I hate being human.

Here’s a great lesson.

You can’t change the past.  It is done.  As I have written before the value of the past is to learn from it and use it to shape today.

Sometimes you can get a feeling from somebody that things just aren’t right.  It could be in the workplace, at home or both.  It is critical to be able to recognize potential signs and even more critical to provide a path for that person to share those things that may be challenging them in life and/or work.

Too often the easy path is to simply ignore those signs.  The old, “let the sleeping dog lie mentality.”  Well, as I learned the hard way yesterday, sometimes it’s better to gently awaken that sleeping dog before it wakes up angry and bites you.  I admit – I saw the signs and choose to take the path of least resistance.

There is no magic plan to get someone to share troubling or negative feelings.  Everyone is different (that’s what makes us humans so much fun to be with).  Heck I’ve worked with a number of people who are far more comfortable being negative than being positive. 

My goal today is ensure that everyone I come into contact with walks away feeling the bright light of pozitoodinal energy that I am radiating.  I will be the first to admit, there are days when it is exhausting to keep the pozitoodinal light lit.  Today, for me, I need to make sure it burns bright cuz I need a little of it myself.

Cheers and thanks.



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3 responses to “Stoke that Pozitoodinal Light

  1. efenz

    Maybe you should get some mittens for your small business employees. That way, they could go around giving each other the finger all day without causing a ruckus. I know that always makes me feel better–and that’s why I prefer mittens to gloves….

  2. I already tried that. My mistake was using ragwool mittens – my customers were complaining about the wool in their pizza….they’d call up and say ewe….hehehehehehehe

  3. betty

    EWE….that is tooooo much Positud……Next time stuff mitten in mouth.

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