Strange Daze Indeed.

What a dream or was it dreams…..

I really gotta stop taking those damn SP’s before I go to bed.

So the next thing I know is that I am looking at some sort of rocket or space capsule that is stuffed full of people.  I am not sure who they are but I do know that they are politicians cuz they are all talking and saying nothing.

OK so I am sitting in this field, who the fuck knows where and all of a sudden the space ship blasts off into the sky.  Cool.  I then notice there is a baseball glove at my feet.  Weird.

Next thing I know some lady walks by with this little dog, a beagle I think, with a ton of gold chains around its neck – like it’s the Mr. T of Beagles.  The little fucker comes right over and it pisses on my shoe and the baseball glove.

“What the fuck,” I shout at the lady.

She spins around says, “listen here, you shouldn’t be sitting around on the ground, doing nothing but watching spaceships go round,” and then disappears into sunlight calling her dog’s name, “come on Winnstral.”

Weird.  It’s then that I notice my foot, the one the dog pissed on, feels like it is 10 times the size of the other one.  That’s when I see it.

The baseball glove that also got pissed on is like the size of an old school satellite dish. 

What’s cool is that when I try to pick it up I realize it weighs that same as a typical baseball glove.  

It’s about this time I see the Beagle running back at me, accept this ain’t no ordinary Beagle.  It’s got green booger shit shooting from it’s nose and it’s making a horrible sound. 

I grab the giant baseball glove, get up and start running.  Running is kinda hard cuz one foot feels like the size of a refrigerator.

I manage to hobble over to the rows of flower like things.  Weird, one row is gray, black and the other red and orange.  Somehow I manage to leap over the flowers but in my haste I fall down.  Shit here comes that crazy Beagle.

Ahhhh, huh, nothing happens, the dog stops at the row of flowers….for some reason it can’t cross them.

It’s at this point I force myself to wake up because the dream was even too weird for me.

I get outta bed to answer natures call and then climb back into bed.

As soon as my head hits the pillow I am right back into the same dream.  Weird how that happens.

Now I am in the field with about 100 people all around me and we’re all looking into the sky.  It’s then that I realize I have this giant baseball glove on my hand.  I look back into the sky when I see it – It’s the spaceship filled with politicians and it is plummeting back to the earth and I have to catch it.

In my dream I remember standing there as the spaceship got closer and closer and just before it hit me and the glove I woke up.

Whoa, that’s fucked up. 

I rub my eyes and notice I had left the TV on all night and at that particular moment the news dude was talking about some satellite that is outta control and is gonna be shot down by the US government.

I grab my coffee and start to listen.

Hmmm, the satellite was launched in Dec of 2006 (US 193) and now is called defunct? Me thinks there’s more afoot.  Waddya think the possibility of US 193 is powered by some sort of nuke power plant?  Hmmmm, maybe that’s why we need to shoot it down. 

Shooting it down….wow…..pretty weird

As the late, great John Lennon said, “Strange days indeed.”


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