Another day! Yeah!

We went out last night, tipped a couple of pints for Mr. Lowell and shared some pretty funny stories that had hidden themselves in the far corner of my brain about the big dog.  We got home home, crashed and had a great nights sleep and woke up to a beautiful sunny day here in the Happy Valley.

Life is pretty neat that way.  Another sunrise another dawn.  A new day with a clean slate.  It reminds me of this Buddha board I bought in December.

It’s a pretty cool thing in that you use a brush and water to make designs on this slate like board.   After a while the water dries and the design you made goes away presenting you with a clean slate/mind to create again.  It is a great example of the need to live in the moment and reinforces the concept of impermanence one the essential concepts of Buddhism.

I’ve written before that the most important decision you make starts before you put your feet on the floor in the morning.  Is it going to be a good day or is it going to be a bad day?

Trust me, if you think it’s gonna be a bad day, it will.

Make today special, feel the love, bring the love, share the love – karma folks, karma….

The beautiful thing is that this time tomorrow we get to do it all over again.

Buddhism says yes, change is possible.
It tells us that no matter what our background,
each of us is the creator of his or her own destiny.
It tells us that our thoughts, our words,
and our deeds create the experience that is our future.

Lama Surya Das


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