Oh the places I went

 At the museum this weekend and I ran into Dr. Seuss
Didn’t look where I was going cuz I was drinking my juice.

Like all dr.’s he knew there was something immediately wrong
My jingle didn’t jangle, my sing didn’t song.

The book fell from the top of a carefully balanced stack
It landed at my feet, like it was about to attack.

 Jolted awake out of my selfish malaise
I saw a glimmer of light, through the dark inner haze.

There it was in the dark corner of me
My pozitoodinal light growing that I had longed to see

The book was the key to opening that door
It helped get this lazy tired ass, up off the floor.

So I grabbed the book and started on page one
Before I knew it, I was practically done.

Like the old Grinch from Christmas,  I felt it inside
The warmth of a love, a love that won’t ever subside.

I’ve included a few lines, a few lines from the book
Read them carefully please, just don’t give’em a look.

The name of the book, for those who want to know
Is simply called, “Oh the Places You’ll Go.”

“I’m afraid that some  times
you’ll play lonely games too.
Games you can’t win
’cause you’ll play against you.

All  Alone!
Whether you like it or not,
Alone will be something
you’ll be quite a lot.

And when you’re alone, there’s a very good chance
you’ll meet things that scare you right out of your pants.
There are some, down the road between hither and yon,
that can scare you so much you won’t want to go on.

But on you will go
though the weather be foul
On you will go
though your enemies prowl
On you will go
though the Hakken-Kraks howl
Onward up many
a frightening creek,
though your arms may get sore
and your sneakers may leak.

On and on you will hike
and I know you’ll hike far
and face up to your problems
whatever they are.

You’ll get mixed up, of course,
as you already know.
You’ll get mixed up
with many strange birds as you go.
So be sure when you step.
Step with care and great tact
and remember that Life’s
a Great Balancing Act.
Just never forget to be dexterous and deft.
And never  mix up your right foot with your left.

And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and 3 / 4 percent guaranteed.)
be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray
or Mordecai Ali Van Allen O’Shea,
you’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way!”

—Dr. Seuss



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4 responses to “Oh the places I went

  1. mikeymac

    Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

    dr seuss

  2. Nlmac

    Suess is the man. Thanks for this – I needed the reminder. 🙂

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