Veterans Day

Veterans Day.  This is a “holiday” that we should celebrate more than any other.  Fuck christmas and fourth of july.  Veterans day should be the grand daddy of them all.

I couldn’t ever be a soldier so I couldn’t ever be a veteran.  Me, I don’t take orders very well.  As a matter of fact I may be allergic to orders.  Give me an order and I’ll do just the opposite, just to fuck with ya.  I don’t do that follow the leader regardless of the cause thing very well.  I know that once I started I would have no problem killing people, good thing that killing is one of those things that I don’t believe in.

We don’t belong in Iraq and I believe the war is fucking wrong.  Strongly believe the war is wrong.  That said, I need to do a better job to support our soldiers who have been put into this scenario by our government.  Stupid fucking government.

I am embarrassed at how we have historically treated our veterans and continue to treat our veterans.  I am embarrassed at how I have treated our veterans.

A couple facts for y’all to ponder.  To date over 3,700 soldiers have been killed in Irag.  Over 27,000 have been injured.

Apathy is the first word that comes to mind.  These folks come back from serving their country and rather than treat them to the best of everything and anything we file them away.  Afraid to make eye contact, afraid to engage them, afraid to deal with them.  Them, it’s so fucking wrong.  They need to be made part of us.

The system needs to be overhauled.  The system needs to make these folks a priority, not an afterthought.  The system needs to be fixed. 

First step is I’d close every VA hospital in the country.  These folks deserve the best.  They deserve to be treated at the best hospitals and rehab centers our country has to offer – no cost.  They don’t need to be shuttled away to stand alone facilities that are at best sub-par.

Second – from a financial perspective we need to figure out how to take care of the disabled veterans for life.  Training, counselling, financial aid, whatever it takes we need to support these folks and make it possible for them to live as full a life as possible.

Third – as we start evaluating our choices for president over the coming year, let’s ask them what their plans are to support our veterans and our soldiers still in harms way.  What’s their plan to make these folks “Whole.”

My first step is I have a couple restaurants and I am going to ensure there will be no hungry veterans next week.  While we are all giving Thanks for family, friends and bountiful food and drink, I am going to ensure every veteran I can reach will feel that same gift of thanks.  Feel that same bountiful food and drink. 


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  1. efenz

    Nice words. It’s not always easy to know what to do when I see, often, a young family in a restaurant, the 20-something father in a wheelchair or walking with crutches as he gets used to his new prosthesis. I wonder if he wants me to acknowledge him, if it would seem trite or self-serving to thank him for his service to our country, not to mention the service of his whole family in sacrificing his presence in their lives for the rest of us. We can do what we can do to try to repair the many broken people who are and will be returning to us, who more than ever before are feeling and acting suicidal, those who didn’t want to die in combat but wish they had when they contemplate the lives they are now forced to lead, their body parts broken beyond repair or missing completely. But there is no prosthetic for the human spirit. That can only be rebuilt through love and purpose, and we must figure out how to give them an abundance of both by listening to their stories and asking them directly what we can do to help. Most importantly, we must work to make sure they are never put in that position again. In the meantime, we can get over our own selfish sense of hypocrisy and talk to these people. They need to know that we as individuals appreciate their sacrifice because the government will never be able to do enough, no matter who is in office.

    Pizza and beer for everyone! Hey, it’s a start…..

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