Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Again the power of pozitood was demonstrated to me over the past couple days.

Here’s the story –

I came up with a great idea to take Princess L to see Dr. Oliver Sacks back in early October.  Dr. Sacks was going to be participating in a free public forum in Cambridge to discuss his new book “Musicophilia.”  A free public forum sponsored by, who else, but the Cambridge Forum ( 

Dr. Sacks, who the NY Times referred to as, “the poet laureate of medicine,” is a US based British Neurologist.  Most people know him from his work with patients suffering from encephalitis lethargica as documented in the film “Awakenings.”  For more on Dr. Sacks I’d refer you to his web site:

So last Saturday, while I am up to my neck in pizza dough I get a call from a very irrate Princess L.  At that point she had turned into Evil Princess L.

It seems that they had decided to issue tickets for the forum.  The tickets were free so I guess it was more about managing the size of the crowd based on the capacity of the venue.  The bad news was that all the tickets were gone.  Yep, the event was sold out and Evil Princess L was none to happy about it.

Somehow, Princess L had determined that it was a conspiracy of one (me) to ruin her weekend and her life.  Yep, that was my plan the whole time – tell her about the event, ge her psyched to go see it and then at the last minute ruin it by not getting tickets that no one, no where had indicated were needed.  Yep, that was my plan.  I am an evil genius that way…..Ughhhh.

So standing there after I hung up the phone I was thinking….what the fuck….how do I turn this bad thing into something good…..enter Patty Pozitood.

Up the stairs I ran and I got on-line.  Someone must be scalping tickets to see Dr. Sacks.  So I hit all the websites and all I found were people LOOKING for tickets.  Ughhh.  Free tickets that people were willing to pay $30 – $50 for.  Double ughh.

So, what to do.  I sat there for a good 15 minutes before a bolt of pozitood rained down from the sky and burst forth in my skull. 

Email Dr. Sacks and beg him for two tickets.

Huh, sure, if anyone would have access to tickets he would.

So off I went.  I typed a note describing my plight.  I clearly explained that without tickets I would forced into eternal damnation at the hands of Princess L for screwing up what should have been a great day/night for her in Cambridge.

I finished the email and pressed send.  Funny, at that point I was pozitood that he’d come through for me.  I am still not sure why I was so confident.  Actually I know why I was so confident – pozitood.

Fifteen minutes later, to my shock and surprise I get an email from Kate Edgar.  Kate is Dr. Sacks long time assistant and I believe editor.  In her email she explains that in fact it is my lucky day.  She has two tickets she is not going to use and I can have them.

I wrote her back, thanking her profusely and letting her know that I thought she was an angel.

Again folks – it’s all about pozitood!

So a very contrite Princess L and I went last night to hear Dr. Sacks. 

Dr. Sacks was, in one word, amazing.

I’d encourage everyone to check out his website and to simply enter his name into a search engine and read about his contributions to neuroscience and the world.  Truly amazing.  Dr. Sacks described himself as, ‘an incontinent story teller and a Jewish atheist”…..brilliant.  Simply brilliant.

 Cheers and remember – it’s all about pozitoodinal energy – baby….even Princess L can’t resist it.  hehehehehehehehehehe



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4 responses to “Don’t be Afraid to Ask

  1. nlmac

    Way to turn it around my friend. One should, in fact, never be afraid to ask.

  2. absintheve

    Hi Pat!!
    I just am checking out your blog with Mike E!!
    I like it!!
    You write well!!!
    Sometimes you do not know what will happen unless you ask…
    It is inspiring to all of us dwarks (as Mike E would say) out there!!
    So I have a question to ask…
    Is this the same Oliver Sacks that mistook his wife for a hat?
    It was nice to finally meet you in person…
    We should all go play the pony’s sometime!!
    Good luck with your blog!!
    love Sophie

  3. Right back at ya.
    Thank you for the kind words. It was great to meet you too. Take care of our Mike E….please. He is, after all, the reason I started to write.

    You are correct regarding Dr. Sacks…he of the wife for the hat fame…his talk was awesome, just awesome.

    Be well, stay warm and watch out for those hot tubs.

  4. efenz

    The wrath of Princess L is very motivating, isn’t it?

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