A Color of Convenience

First let me say that this is America and we need more people like Al Sharpton. 


No, I am serious, we need more people who are passionate about a cause and are not afraid to speak their mind.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t agree with much that Mr. Sharpton brings to the table.  

I am on the record with my disagreement with the treatment that was brought down on Imus for his racially insensitive remarks about the Rutgers women’s hoop team.  He was appropriately punished with a suspension and ultimately lost his job.  Hey, his employers have the right to do whatever they want.

Mr. Sharpton was vociferous in his attacks and condemnation on Imus.  Imus if you don’t know is a white man who had a morning radio show on MSNBC and WFAN in NY.

Recently Isiah Thomas, President, Head Coach of the New York Knicks and a hall of fame player was convicted by a jury of sexual harassment of a female employee.  He has appealed his conviction as well as the $11M damages awarded to Anucha Brown Sanders.

I read today that after meeting with Mr. Thomas, Mr. Sharpton has decided not to hold any form of protest related to Mr. Thomas’ conviction.   Hmmmm, how is it that Mr. Sharpton feels it not necessary to bring the same wrath on Mr. Thomas ( guilty via jury) that he brought on Mr. Imus.

Hmmmm, one man makes an off color comment during a radio show and is shown the door for it.

Another man sexually harasses a female employee and is found guilty by a jury and Mr. Sharpton holds his tongue.  He also is still the head coach and president of the NY Knicks.  Then again he’s ruined that team in concert with the owner Mr. Dolan…but that’s another story.

Me thinks Mr. Sharpton is a hypocrite.  I think that Mr. Sharpton’s silence is one based on a color of convenience. 

Funny thing is that no one has done anything about Mr. Thomas’s conviction.  His employer – nothing.  The National Basketball Association – nothing.  Then again, the NBA may have more to worry about with their gambling referees.

I guess we’ll wait and see how Mr. Thomas’ appeal goes.  Make a note here folks – for some it’s seems it is far worse to be tried and prosecuted in the court of public opinion than in a court within our judicial system today.

Good luck Mr. Thomas on your appeal – I am sure the Sharpton vote of confidence will help you sleep well at night.



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One response to “A Color of Convenience

  1. efenz

    Karma is a powerful thing. Everybody has to pay what he/she owes in some way or other. Getting burned at the stake by an angry crowd of women seems far worse than rotting away in a jail somewhere.

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