Look I got no pants

Looks like Autumn is trying to nudge it’s way onto the climatological landscape here in New England.  Woke up today to a raw, wet Autumn day.

As I sit at my computer and look out at the yard, the grayness of the morning is broken up by the muted oranges, reds and yellows of the leaves on the maple trees that border the property and the ground beneath them.

It’s a very close race right now.  Matter of fact it’s almost a dead heat – yep, there are about the same number of  leaves on the trees that there are on the ground,  but it is getting close.  Getting close to the ground winning.  In the end the ground always wins.

Damn you ground!  You and your conspiratorial friend gravity.  Damn you both to hell!

I love days like this, it makes the coffee taste that much better. 

Funny thing – Monday I was taking the trash down to the street-side and on the way back I had an overwhelming urge to strip naked and walk back to the house….well I got my shirt off and started to take my shorts off when I had a second thought and decided my nakedness might not be a good thing for my neighbors to see.

Well I am sitting here Wednesday morning with a feeling of unfulfilled nakedness.  I offer this warning to all – I will have to fulfill this feeling of silly nakedness and I am not sure when it’s gonna strike….so be ready to cover your eyes….. 

Final small business ownership thoughts…. 

The reprobates I call employees continue to amaze even me with their profound ability to embrace ignorance.  They are a passionless group of people which I have been unable to get to see the light and that makes me very sad.

I have shared my thoughts on life with them but I am not sure they get it.  This is what I shared:

1.  Be positive and bring fun where ever you can.

2.  Live with passion

3.  Laugh everyday

4.  Learn from everyone and everything

5.  Make time for you

6.  Be unpredictable

So as I finish my coffee I get ready to continue the battle against ignorant, negative and passionless people of the world.   Sometimes it’s not easy, shit I know that better than most….trust me. 

It’s made easier today because I am wearing my spiderman underoos and have unmatched socks on.  Why you ask?

Cuz I fucking can!

 So have a GREAT day, make someone laugh, learn something new and most of all – BE PASSIONATE ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU DO!


Oops, almost forgot to put my pants on…..damn I hate when I do that…..



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3 responses to “Look I got no pants

  1. betty

    you do realize there are more of them, than there are of us. wish it was like a germ we could spread. KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!

  2. efenz

    betty, what makes you think you’re one of us? 😀

  3. betty

    interacting with staff

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