What’s in your Pinata?

I was at the store the other day and overheard the following conversation –

 Lady #1 – Hey Jane whats in your pinata?, Lady #1 asked as she stood there holding a very, very large bag of candy.

Jane – I don’t know?  Is the pinata I bought empty?

Lady #1 – How should I know what’s in your pinata, you bought it?

Jane – Shit, I don’t know if there is anything in it.  That would be terrible if there was nothing in it.   Let’s get the candy, worst case is we eat it ourselves.

I laughed for a long time thinking about the conversation.  I am not sure what’s better – actually hearing someone ask what’s in someone elses pinata or the thought of an empty pinata.  That’s worse than getting a sock full of coal.

So I ask you, what’s in your pinata?

Mine would be chock full of minature pinata’s that each contain a single piece of candy.  That would be wicked funny.  Smack open the pinata only to be covered in an avalanche of tiny pinata’s that you then have to smash open with a tiny baseball bat.

You could have a very fun time with an adult version of the pinata…..hmmmm….how ’bout a pinata full of tequilla minatures or maybe chock full of synaptic provocateurs.  That’d give a whole new meaning to pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.

We had a pinata over the summer and there was almost a tragic accident.  It seemed while my nephew was about to wack the pinata with the stick, my niece decided to walk over to the pinata.

Stick + nephew + pinata + niece = Ouchie

We all survived to see another pinata.

Today my pinata is full of love and more love.  Had a great night of sleep last night and today is probably one of the last days of the year in the happy valley in which we’re going to see 80 degrees!  It is beautiful out.  Ha, maybe you should leave it out.

Ciao for Niao


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