Autumn is here

the plane went up and came down and all is good…a very long day….

That said, it’s yet another unbelievable October morning in the Happy Valley of Western Massatwoshits.  Supposed to be 85 degrees today!  Yikes.

Not sure what we did to the weather goddess to get the stretch of great weather, however, being a lifer in new england I believe that sooner or later we’ll pay.  Maybe a late season hurricane or a winter with 500 feet of snow.

Where the hell is Al Gore when i need him. 

Wonder what impact this is gonna have on the fall foliage….which might I note seems very late this year….maybe the foliage is pregnant and won’t turn colors at all….go right from green to blue….

People far smarter than I tell me that for the best foliage we need a warm, wet spring and a warm day/cold night autumn.  What’s your favorite color?  I like anything produced by anthocyanins (red, blue, violet colors)….Blue?  when was the last time you saw a blue fucking leaf?  Sober I mean.  Shit maybe the damn trees are pregnant.

Check out a few comments made by my good friend Mike E at regarding leaf peepers….

Autumn in new england…..ahhh it can only mean one thing…..It’s time for Fall CLassic


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