And the race is on to Mars

October 4, 1957 was the date the race began….not sure when it ended….maybe with the fall of the Soviet Union or maybe it was July 21, 1969 when Neil baby strode around the big piece of green cheese in the sky…’s too bad, it would have been nice to take all that money spent on nuclear weapons, that I can only pray will never be used, and focused our scientific efforts on exploring the galaxy.

WHo would of thought a tiny sphere,  23 inches in diameter and weighing about 183 pounds could draw the ire of an entire nation and begin a race that would find two nations spending billions of dollars for the crown called “Space.”

Yep Sputnik was launched today fifty years ago.  I’d love to say look at the progress we’ve made…….

I was always a space junkie.  That was way before I realized the politics that controlled what we did and when we did it.  Could you imagine if the whole thing was left in the hand of private industry….hmmm now that could have been interesting.

I know, fuck space, spend it on helping humans on earth…blah, blah, blah….I say fuck humans, we’d just fuck up the investment by giving the whole contract to save the humans to Halliburton.  Where’s that human heart valve Cheney these days.  Is it my imagination or has he had more shit done to his heart than Pam Anderson’s had done to her sweater meat.

The exploration of space, or the thought of it, was the ultimate imaginative escape.  I can’t tell you how many hours I spent looking through a telescope and simply imagining what was up in the night sky.  Then again I did take my GI Joe Gemini space capsule (worth huge dollars today) and re-enacted the reentry of the craft into the earth’s orbit by using lighter fluid to ignite the bottom of the craft… was cool or hot….. 

I think somewhere in my subconscious I am pissed for the government taking away that imaginative escape.  Not just from me but from generations of kids.  Not for nothing but lets do something cool. 

Fuck the space station shit, fuck the space shuttle, fuck the moon, fuck iraq, fuck iran…..LET’S GO TO MARS! 

Better than that, maybe we need a good intergalatic enemy to come threat the earth.  That would be interesting…..facing certain elimination unless we united to thwart the attacke.  Muslim, Islam, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Pagan, Buddhist – all standing shoulder to shoulder unified against a common enemy….that would be interesting…

Whoa, another one of them damn tangents.

Space travel, what kid wouldn’t love it today.  How better to get kids interested in the sciences.  Shit, microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Apple, etc….think of the cake to make with all the different interative games and shit you could do with space travel.  Come on McDonalds…time for the Big Galazy Burger….5 megatons of ripe beef jammed onto a bun the size of uranus (like you thought I could get through a diatribe about space without working uranus into the conversation).

WE NEED SPACE TRAVEL AND WE NEED IT NOW!  Along with a box of things that make you go hmmmmm.

So write to your congressman and let him/her know we want to go to MARS NOW!  Because as the B movie from 1967 says

MARS NEEDS WOMEN!   Boy do I know a few I’d like to send there…..



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2 responses to “And the race is on to Mars

  1. betty

    Hope I am not on that list for Mars. So that is what happen to that capsule.LOLOL

  2. efenz

    betty, you should have checked to make sure you-know-who’s barbie doll wasn’t in it. she coulda been the first woman on mars….

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