freedom at last, big whoop

i am free.  Late sunday i was able to scurry away in the dark of night from my captors at the big e.  i woke up this morning and took a long shower not sure what i was going to do today.  Next thing i now i am back at the fair grounds looking to see if i could find them and they were all gone.  Gone and to be honest, i am sad.  No matter how bad i perceived the way they were treating me.  Truth is, i miss the tasering fat bastards.  damn them to hell.

 a friend of mine told me i am suffering from something called the stockholm syndrome…

i think i am suffering from  lack of fried oreo syndrome….

where’s that Hearst chick when you need here….what was the name of her kidnappers?  SLAW…..yea i think they were all about the ethical treatment of cole slaw.

it is sad these days how little respect most people show cole slaw.  bastards isolate poor cole slaw to a simple scoop on a plate next to some bad potato or podado salad as some ignorant fools call it with a burnt weiner or burger tossed in for good measure.

i also hate when the bastards decide to upscale cole slaw and add raisins.  come on, what kind of crap is that.  I like raisins two ways – first as a component of my breakfast cereal or covered in chocolate and purchased as something to stuff in my face at a movie.  Raisins absolutely don’t belong in cole slaw….shit that’d be like making a woman an executive with the Madison Square Garden organization….oops

had to throw in a current event reference just cuz.

give me a break i coulda thrown in a oops brittany lost her kids comments but that would have been too easy…i bet she loves raisins in her cole slaw….call it what you will.

The best way to have cole slaw is as an addition to a pulled pork sandwich.  Yum, some slow roasted pulled pork dressed with a nice vinegar based sauce topped with cole slaw and a dill pickle slice.  Now that is a fucking sang-wich.

oops gotta go….got a plane to catch in the am….doing some employment dance out in minnesota….



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One response to “freedom at last, big whoop

  1. The Fenz

    Dude, you have totally missed your calling. It’s time for you to follow it….. I see fill-ims in my head…..

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