nightfall at the big e

well it got crazy the rest of the day….i had to lay low, very low….it’s dark now and the  fat taser bastards are occupied by the throng of crazies buying every miracle knife or auto waxing kit known to man…these people will buy anything….

i’ve had an opportunity to roam the grounds pretty stress free….still can’t get out, they got guards at every gate with my picture….bastards…..i think tonight when everyone leaves i am going to take me a hot tub in one of the hot tubs on display…

i think i am also going to set the giant pig free…..poor bastard….locked up in a little cage….over 1,000 pounds of bacon sittin there…..maybe the minature horse too….but who will notice…..

gotta get to the elephant and camel…..they’ve been forced to give hundreds of screaming kids rides for two weeks….they long to be in the jungles of west springfield grazing on the bountiful flora and bathing in the pristine waters of the connecticut river….then again, i think the camel has a bad attitude….

my battery is low….i need to recharge will write in the morning


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One response to “nightfall at the big e

  1. The Fenz

    You are the cheapest high I’ve ever had…

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