Amuck with Captain James Cook and Fried Oreo’s

i finally got out of the giant lemon and made my way to a stand where i could get something to eat….i know it ain’t good for me, however, i just made up a batch of fried oreo’s….man they are good….especially when washed down with some spaten octoberfest….yummy….

if you’ve never had a fried oreo, you ain’t lived…..

i am laying low right now as the fat bastard, taser armed, security force is doing their best to round up the big e execs and get them into one area so they can control the trippin’ fools… looks like they are using the horse arena as the holding area….i am going to sneak in and see what is going on…

oops almost forgot my oreos….

hahahahahaha…..christ on  a crutch….the fools are so fucked up they are jumping over the jumps set up for the horses and rolling around in the water hazard….oh man, they must have had both coffee and orange juice…..oops

there’s one over there petting a horse blanket that’s draped over a fence….i think they think it’s a real horse….hahahahaha

oh, oh….here come the taser boys…i am outta here….

too close for comfort there….i managed sneak away and am now hiding in a corn dog booth…..

what the fuck is a corn dog anyway…i know, i know…’s a hotdog coated in a cornbread batter and deep fried and served on a stick…..did you know that march 17 is national corn dog day…bastards….taking advantage of all of us drunk irish people on st. patty’s day…..

i lost my corndog virginity last year….not something i am very proud of….

i gotta get a plan together so that i can get outta here…..they now know that i escaped the giant slide prison they had me in …..the good news is that they have their hands full gathering up all the big e employers who are still running amuck.

How do you run amuck…..a funny passage from Captain James Cook , “Voyages” – 1772 – his definition of running amuck

“To run amock is to get drunk with opium… to sally forth from the house, kill the person or persons supposed to have injured the Amock, and any other person that attempts to impede his passage.”

sounds good to me….

time to rest…will be back in a while……

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