big e vs. lsd

shhhhhh, quiet……it’s 4:40am and i am in the enemies headquarters

it’s day 45,965 of the big e taking me hostage……during the night i was able to free myself from the restraints they placed on me and i was able to sneek into their kitchen and dosed their coffee maker and orange juice with some high powered lysergic acid diethylamide.  it should make for an interesting morning….hehehehehehe….

LSD-2D, 3D.png

ok….i am back….it’s just past 8am….good morning from the big e……sweet jebus….it’s insane here…..looks like the magic juice i concocted is finally starting to hit home….the leader of the big e just ran by wearing one of them wacky mardi gras giant heads and just his underwear.  He was chasing someone wearing only a cape and driving one of dem shriner mini cars….this is fucking great….

oh, oh…..some on just let the elephant out… seriously, it’s a fucking elephant…..

hahahahaha someone is painting words on side of the vermont state building …..”HAVE A NICE TRIP, SEE YOU NEXT FALL.”  How fucking funny is that….and they painted the letters in a rainbow of colors…..weird…..

holy crap, i gotta get outta here there’s about 20 of my captors laying in the middle of the parking lot, pointing up at the clouds and laughing their collective asses off…..shit gotta go….will report back later…….


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