The fine line…..

When you live in the shadow of insanity, the appearance of another mind that thinks and talks as yours does is something close to a blessed event.

Another great quote from Robert Pirzig.

Welcome to my world.  When you dance in the shadows as I try to do as often as possible you relish the opportunity to talk with folks who are equally at ease in the shadows.  It surprises me how many people don’t like the shadows and when they find themselves in the shadows they scamper away.  Then again, maybe it’s me they’re scampering away from.  I love the word scamper.  Ewww, lookie, he’s scampered off….fraid of his own shadow….ewwwww…scamper, scamper, scamper

Insanity is a crazy concept…..

It’s a concept the drug companies love because of the revenue and profits it puts in their collective pockets.

I guess shock therapy via chemicals is better than the actual shock therapy.  Then again maybe not. I don’t believe frontal lobotomy’s increased the top line at black and decker as it relates to electric drill sales…then again….

Today we have a supply of chemical comas, chemical straightjackets and chemical lobotomy’s all doled out by your local CVS or Walgreens.  Love it!

Nothing better than self medication….

I’ve realized that short of alien turdz (thanks Mike eeeeee ), bone-dry stoli martini’s with exta olives and the very rare afghanny black poo…. most drugs impair my ability to create, never mind fuck up my ability to drive farm equipment.

One day I want to get all fucked up and drive a combine….just to say I actually could drive farm equipment while fucked up.

Speaking of fucked up….you ever take one of them tylenol pm thingees.  HOLY COMATOSE or is it coma-toes.

I made the mistake a month or so ago of thinking I was taking two aspirin thingees during the day and took two of dem pm thingees.  WOW.  Talk about an inability to operate farm equipment man oh man I felt like someone replaced my brain with cotton balls at the same time took all the bones outta my body….. 

Where the fuck was i……shadow of insanity….that fine line….I know on a daily basis i skip back and forth across the line like some 3rd grade school girl jumping rope….sometimes its hard to get back, sometimes i don’t want to come back…..but i always do….weird….

i’ll let you in on a secret, pozitood is the door i use to return back from the shadows….pozitood makes it possible for me to resist the urge to run out to walmort and buy an over-the-counter UZI and go on a Soylent Green garbage collection run.  Pozitood makes it possible for me to balance the sane-insane formula, pozitood makes it possible to smile and laugh when it seems hardest and even inappropriate.  Nothing better than an inappropriate smile, that unpredictable pozitoodinal outreach.  Pozitood makes it possible for me to positively impact lives of everyone around me when sometimes i can’t even do it for myself (remember those who can’t teach).  Pozitood is my life force that we need to share with everyone in the world.  Unfortunately there be a few million truck loads of people who just “doan” (as Ricky Ricardo would say) get it….i hold out hope that someday they will….the shadow side hopes the truck just runs them fucking over…..hehehehehe

Made a sign up for parking in my lot during the big EEEEE, it read:


Free Positive Karma

Funny, lots of people read the sign, smiled and laughed, lots more people don’t read signs or see people in the crosswalk….ouch 

Day 15, 729 of the big e hostage taking continues…..i believe my captors are weakening and can see the end in sight….only 4 more days……

So another adventure begins, i gotta cargo load of pozitood, an Anderson Valley Brewing company tye-dye on and my underwear on the outside…..i think i am ready to tackle anything……

Yee Fucking HA!



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4 responses to “The fine line…..

  1. Yeah, on the drugs/creativity tip I agree. For one, I can’t write for shit on opioiz. Hmm. Maybe that’s why I’m not a junkie….


    Actually I’m not a junkie because I can’t afford the Habit.

    But not for long. I’m going to be rich soon. Dang it all!! See: even when I’m rich I won’t get to be a junkie because now I’m too old for that shit. Or, well…really not old enough.

    If I live to be 90 — and I will — then I am going to live out my days as a gleefully irrepressible Diladid junkie!

    It’ll be awesome.

    Totally can’t wait!

    See ya there dude.

  2. The Fenz

    Just got back from the Anderson Valley… you shoulda been there…. actually, you WERE there… I just couldn’t see you..

  3. The Fenz

    The shadows are great places to hide….

  4. i am sooooo jealous….

    ps. who wants to hide……heheheh

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