Pozitoodinal ReCharge Wadda Day

To quote those boys from Boston led by Liv Tylers dad – I’m Back in the Saddle Again!  Pozitoodinally recharged!

Needed a good 24 hours to detox or was it retox….whatever.  All I know is that I wasn’t me for a couple days.  Don’t quite know who I was but I wasn’t me.

Laughing always is a good way to recharge the pozitoodinal batteries.

I laughed this morning as I put on my jeans because I remembered the time I ruined a pair of jeans in the most bizzare way.  You see I had switched over to the button-fly model years ago because I figured it was safer.  Safer in that it is near impossible to catch your weiner in button fly jeans.  Come on you gotta be really fucked up to button your johnson into your pants and even then it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as catching ye old wanker in the zipper of your jeans.

Well I had one pair of “zipper” fly jeans left.  So after a night of strong beer drinking or was it a night of drinking strong beer?  Regardless, nature called quite urgently.  Into the mens room I ran – well sort of ran.  You know that peepee kinda run.  Anyway, I get in front of the urinal and grab the top of my jeans and rip them open.  That is the great benefit to having on button fly jeans you can grab the top button and rip the pants open quikly.  Unfortunately, in my haste to answer natures call I forgot that I had my “zipper” fly jeans on.  Suffice to say that the zipper and rip in the crotch of my jeans stopped somewhere just above my knee (I really had to pee).  Thank god I had a sweat shirt on that I was able to afix around my waist to conceal sir thomas and his boys.

Anyway….a big POZITOODINAL shout out to y’all.  Have a great day today and make sure you make eye contact and smile with everyone you walk by today……be that light of pozitoodinal love.  Because folks, you just don’t know if that plane flying over you is carrying live nuclear warheads…..god bless military intelligence and jumbo shrimp……..

BOOM!  Did I scare ya!  Hahahahahahaha




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2 responses to “Pozitoodinal ReCharge Wadda Day

  1. The Fenz

    In light of one of your parting lines, you might want to check this out…..

    “God hates shrimp” – Lev. 11:9-12, Deut. 14:9-10

  2. The Fenz

    Do you think “shrimp” could have been the original Greek word for zipper, since zippers hadn’t been invented yet? If so, do you think God wears button flies since he hates shrimp?

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