Pause for the Cause

Top of the morning to ya.  It’s another beeeuuuteeeful morning here in the Happy Valley.  That said, we could use some rain.  It’s been over two weeks since we’ve had any meaningful wet shit fall from the sky.

Life again showed up over the weekend to remind me that it is so fragile.

A 19 year old friend of the boys that work for me died in a motorcycle accident over the weekend.  Nothing could be said accept that it sucks.

At that age you figure you are immortal.  I now it rocked the boys world to the core.

When I spoke with them I encouraged them to do a few things.  First is to be there for the family.  Anything they need, help them out. 

Second, I told them to take this opportunity to reflect on their own lives and evaluate the risks they take in the course of their day and balance those risks with the rewards of taking those risks.  Trust me, the thrill of scaring your friends by going 100 plus mph in your car isn’t worth the risk of not being here tomorrow.

Finally, I reminded them that as humans we always assume tomorrow will always be there.   Guess what folks one day it won’t be.  You need to celebrate everyday.  Celebrate today!  Don’t be consumed by yesterday or tomorrow – live, celebrate today!


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