Say Cheese

Was helping some friends the other day when they broke down on the Mass Pike and discovered a few things…..

75 miles an hour is really, really, really fucking fast if you are standing on the side of the highway.

A tractor-trailer going by sounds a lot like the noise the empire’s TIE Fighters make in the first Star Wars. – I am not that big of a geek – I had to look up what the name of those fighters were called….piss off

A couple people stopped to see if we needed a hand – that was very cool

A state policeperson stopped to make sure everything was cool and to call a flatbed tow truck.  Two seconds later he was gone…..seemed more annoyed than anything.  Guess if he found the meth lab in the back of the car he would have been more interested.  Just kidding Mr. Ashcroft, there was no meth lab in the car….my friends had left it at home.  Just kidding again.

Have you noticed that you really can’t go anywhere and not be on a camera?  My new thing is that if I see a camera I salute it with my middle finger and then I grab my balls.  I am not sure why I do that but it makes me feel better.  My own little form of disobedience… 

It’s kinda funny, I went to the Walmart parking lot the other day….I do everything in my power not to support the censoring, mistreating bastards.  Anyway I went to the Walmart parking lot and drove around to all the camera’s flipping them off and holding up a Target bag I found in the parking lot.  Hehehehe, I almost pissed myself thinking about the poor security guards watching the fat bald dude on the camera doing stupid things….hehehehehe

Yesterday I had to get gas and pulled into one of those mart thingees and yes they had cameras.  So I opened the gas lid and then took off the gas cap and then proceeded to have a 3 minute conversation with the dude in my gas tank.  It must have looked hilarious on the  monitor in the mart.  FYI – there is no dude in my gas tank.

Maybe we need to come up with some kind of gesture or mask or sign that we can distribute across the country so everyone that wants too can have a wee bit of fun with big brothers cameras.

$20 bucks says that Sen. Larry Craig (Rep, Idaho) thinks it’s gay to order the queen cut of prime rib.  This from a hypocritical dirt bag who has no issues making overt gestures underneath the bathroom stall encouraging “lewd activity.”  Then  going back to the Senate and voting his homophobic right wing conservative platform.  Too bad there wasn’t a camera  in that bathroom.

Sorry, I have no idea where the fuck that last paragraph came from……one of those voices just took over….

This big brother spying on us thingee has gotten crazy.  For instance, at this moment I am watching myself type this entry on google earth and it’s kinda weird.  There’s just enough of a delay to make it interesting.  Wait, oh never mind, I just gave myself the finger and grabbed my balls.  Weird.

Flour Power – Piece!


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