Nativity Naivity

I’ve been thinking about nativity thingees since yesterday and the current state of the world and religion and….wait this just in….the Vatican has annouced the creation of Vatican Air.  The airline will be focused on transporting catholic pilgrims to an array of religious sites around the world.  Hmmmm I wonder if Vegas is one of those stops….maybe Austria to take in a performance of the Vienna Boys Choir?  Sorry that was too easy…..I’ll save the rest for another blog…..

Getting back to my thoughts on Nativity naivity.  Here’s my idea:

We get a town with a nice common (green) and we take over the common for a couple weeks and we welcome all religions to put up their “displays.”  This could be a wonderful way for folks to learn about other religions and their belief systems without the propaganda the surrounds the disinformation we get via mainstream media today.

A couple ground rules. 

1.  Each religious group is allowed the same amount of space to put up their “display.”
2.  Each religious group must have personnel at the site to answer questions about their display and talk about the historical significance of their “display.”
3.  No one is allowed to share negative information about any other religious “display.”
4.  Porta Potties would be cleaned everyday

A good month would be December.  Here’s a list of some of the significant religious holidays in December:

Hanukkah (Jewish)
St. Nicholas Day (International)
Bodhi Day – Buddha’s Enlightenment (Buddhist)
Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico)
Santa Lucia day(Sweden)
Las Posadas (Mexico)
Eid al-adha (Islamic, Muslim)
Christmas (Christian, Roman Catholic, International)
Boxing Day (Canada, United Kingdom)
Kwanzaa (African-American) 

I think it would be cool for folks to really learn what the other religions are all about.   Shit, I am not looking to change people’s minds about their faith, all I want to do is open their eyes and minds a wee bit in the hope that learning and understanding about other’s faith will go along way to eliminate the fear and intollerance that is associated today with too many organizations, countries and religous organizations. 

You need to know that in my opinion any religion or religious leader that proclaims their faith to be the only “true” religion is dangerous and ignorant to the world around them.  



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  1. betty

    Oh, dear, my dear….you have hung around me to long. Should scare you that you are thinking like me…..

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