Shine on your love light!

What a crazy week! 

A crazy great week. 

It’s been a long, long time since I had a week like I just had.  Every day was a party!  Every day brought another adventure.  Whether it was dinner with the family on Monday, L’s birthday dinner on Wednesday, Dark Star at the Gathering of the Vibes on Thursday, Aunt and Uncle’s 40th Wedding Anniversay in Assonet on Friday and back to the Gathering of the Vibes (Les Claypool and Rat Dog) on Saturday and Sunday.

Talk about a long strange trip.  Every experience built on the one before it.  Pozitood oozed all over the place.  It was an awesome week. 

It was great to see the extended family at K&L’s anniversary party.  What a snapshot of time.  Food was great, drinks were plentiful and my brother pissed off my mothers balcony….I think….

There was no drink of the week….consumption ran from Metropolitans at the Tunnel Bar, Martini’s at East Side, Patron Margarita’s everywhere I could get one, Manhattans and Whitey’s at the Anniversary party, cold Heinie’s and jello shots at the Gathering to more Margarita’s on Sunday at Mama Iguana’s.  Add to that a wide spectrum of synaptic provocateur’s and you have yourself one hell of a bender!

I love a good bender!

Sometime during Saturday night at the Vibes I came to the understanding that the best place to be was the place we were at.  No matter where we be at, it was the best place to be.  One moment the best place was the back of the Suburban staring at the water and drinking a beer.  The next moment it was lying in the field listening to Les Claypool rock every part of my being with great bass riffs while staring at the clear summer night sky.  The moment after that it was stumbling into Dorothy, The Tin Woman, The Scarecrow, The Cowardly Lion and some very large dude dressed up as an angel.  It was all good and it was where we were at.

Like a beacon of pozitoodinal light on a dark foggy night the realization was clear – where ever you are at make it the best place to be and the rest will follow.  Funny thing is, soon everybody else will want to be where you be at……

I also realized that sometimes it’s brighter with your eyes closed….but that’s a whole ‘nother story…..

“Turn on your lights,
let it shine on me
shine on your love light
Let it shine on me let shine, let it shine, let it shine”


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