Gotta Stay Up Late

You gotta stay up late this weekend.  The Perseid Meteor Shower hits the sky on Saturday.  The meteors are named after the constellation Perseus.  Perseus is the constellation the Meteors seem to originate from.  This time of the year Perseus can be found just below Polaris, the North Star.

The exciting news is that the moon is close to New so there will be little to no light wash from the moon.

Best time is from midnight to 4am.  If you get the opportunity check it out!

For some previous thoughts and strategies on viewing a meteor shower check out one of my earlier posts…

Cheers and happy meteor viewing….

Oh, I will be viewing the shower from the Gathering of the Vibes show in Bridgeport…went last night and Dark Star Orchestra kicked some major buttocks.  Their show focused on Jerry Garcia…..yesterday was the anniversary of his passing.  It got me thinking that if Jerry was still alive he’d be some kind of deity….what influence he’d have on the world and people.

Be well Jerry, we miss ya! 


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