Send lawyers, guns and money….no, just send money

Help, send money, lots and lots of money.  If you need my bank routing number let me know. 

I am being held prisoner on the Island of Fiscal Irresponsibility.  It’s crazy, I had to take a ferry to get here and I swear that as soon as I set foot on the island some magical power came down and sucked all the money outta me.  Not only any cake I was carrying but also every cent of credit on any credit card I had in my wallet.

Shit, even my damn Staples card got maxed out in 30 seconds.

How expensive is it?  It just cost me $5.50 for a bag of ice!  I am thinking of buying a whole bunch of ice cube trays and going into business for myself.

Oops, just cost me $5.00 for a bag of potato chips.

The good news is that I can ration the chips and they’ll last me a few daze….this is crazy!

At least when it’s nice out I can retreat to the beach and try to catch something to eat. 

Update, the bad news is that given my total inability to catch a fish it looks like the only thing I am going to be eating is a “sand” wich.

Damn, I totally suck at fishing.  I suck so bad I may take up golfing.

Good news is that when I finally got on the beach and took off my shirt GreenPeace didn’t show up and try to clean out my blow hole and throw me in the water….Then again, I do think I had bigger boobies than anybody else on the beach….Ughhh getting old sucks.

Maybe GreenPeace showing up and cleaning out my blowhole wouldn’t have been a bad thing. 

Oh, the beautiful people…..they are just beautiful.  For a vacation I am finding these folks are a far greater challenge to my pozitoodinal view of the world than any one else I’ve run into. 

One highlight of the trip was visiting this very cool art gallery in Edgartown which has a magnificent collection of Alfred Eisenstaedt photographs.  Probably his most famous photo is the V-J Day Kiss.  The one of the American sailor kissing a young woman in Times Square in 1945.  They have that photo along with a number of incredible photo’s of his on display.

The historical moments of time and emotion he was able to witness and capture through the lens of his camera is simply amazing.  In this day and age of papparazzi and cell phone cameras I am not sure we’ll ever see a single photographer capture the breadth and scope of humans and our experience on this planet like Mr. Eisenstaedt.

Just so you know there is also a collection of some amazing art work at the gallery too.

Well, my battery is running out more quickly than the funds for this round of drinks at the Wharf…..till next time.

Hold that door open, smile, talk to others like you want to have people talk to you and most important be that beacon of pozitoodinal brightness for the world around you!



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One response to “Send lawyers, guns and money….no, just send money

  1. First came the gambling degeneracy. Then the blog. Next, unemployment — which surely I don’t need to tell you is about as much fun as a dosed bowl of punch as long as the dough holds.

    But now: smoldering abject poverty?? My friend! I fear you’ve followed my chemically perma swerved footsteps too far this time.

    Or maybe not. Far as I know — and I’m a veteran on the Circut — the old Hard Knock Rodeo is by wide leaps the most effective way to hone one’s grittier survival skills.

    Example: there’s a fine living to be made as a racehorse gambler — and you only need $2 to get started. In the wildly unlikely event that you lose the $2 you can always write that book & stay unemployed with cash falling out of your pockets that way.

    Good Luck & remember: I’m proud of you. & so is Saturday Steve!!

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